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Posted · Print restart problem

So I've got 2 FDM printers and 1 SLA printer. I'm using Cura for both the FDMs, but I only have this issue with 1. When the print is completed, the printer restarts the program, either destroying the print, or sliding the glass bed all over with a gob of burning filament on the end. I've tried looking up the gcode to stop this, but can find anything.  I've included the end program code if anyone can find anything I missed. 


M104 S0

M140 S0

;Retract the filament

G92 E1

G1 E-1 F300

G28 X0 Y0


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    Posted · Print restart problem

    There are a couple of little used Gcode commands that will cause that (M24, M32) but they aren't there.  I think it must be a firmware problem in that one machine.

    There are a couple of things you can try.  In your End-Gcode in the Cura machine settings for your printer add three lines at the end:

    M29 ;stops the printer from writing recovery information to the SD BIN file.

    M22 ;Releases the SD card (like an eject command on a PC).

    M21 ;Re-initialize the SD card (like when you plug it into a PC) so it can be read again by the printer.


    Alternatively you can try adding M0 to the end of your End-Gcode.  That will cause the printer to at least pause.  You could then restart it with a button click and then abort it really fast from the LCD, or optionally just pull the SD card out at your leisure.

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