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The most intricate, detailed and precise prints? (besides Yoda)

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Hello again all.

So, trying to keep myself entjusiastic about getting a UM2 I was wondering if anyone has shots of prints that rival the insanely detailed 2-key side Yoda?

I know 100 microns is good for general use, but where are all the other 20 micron, 25+ hour insanely detailed marathon prints? Do they exist?

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I posted some prints I did in a http://www.extrudable.me/2013/12/17/highqualityultimaker2/ recently.

You might also take a look at my http://www.flickr.com/photos/extrudable_me/ for some other examples. Tbh, figurines like Yoda aren't that difficult to print - they're basically upside down vases, that really jsut need a couple of perimeter loops and little or no infill, so you can go quite quickly. If you look on my flickr, you'll see a bust of my daughter that I did at 90+mm/s in just a couple of hours. The most challenging prints are the ones with lots of separate islands on each layer that the head has to move between. The Eiffel tower is the most challenging in that category that I've done so far. Well, I've done the top half (in 28 hours), but not the base - I think that's going to be about a 3-day print. I hope to have that finished before the New Year, though.


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This is the most detailed parts I have printed so far, the details on the hand were printed separate,

but I did not think the Ultimaker was capable of this fine smooth detail, I was wrong :)

this inspired me to do more detailed prints.

there is a small secret to make these fine details without creating a molten pile of PLA :)



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