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newbie question on nylonx or other carbon filled materials


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Posted · newbie question on nylonx or other carbon filled materials

Just picked up an s5 pro bundle for work, I am currently trying to figure out the nylonx material along with the Ionic hybrid support material, I have everything up an operational but I'm having a hard time trying to dial in the setting for a good finish. What is the highest recommended layer resolution for a carbon filled material? I have tried to look up what settings people are using with carbon filled material but usually only mention the nozzle temp, bed temp etc. I tried on the recommended profile settings .2mm and it just wasn't cutting it. 


I'm looking specifically for tips on layer resolution, line widths, speeds etc. Just some direction would be helpful! 


Also, I tried printing along with the hybrid ionic support material and noticed almost every section of the part that was touching the support material looked horrible, stringy and just very poor finish. any ideas? 

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    Posted · newbie question on nylonx or other carbon filled materials

    What is it about the finish on NylonX that you don't like? NylonX has a textured finish and the layer lines basically disappear. I love the finish on NylonX parts. Make sure your material is really, really dry. 


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    Posted · newbie question on nylonx or other carbon filled materials

    Please include photos.  With arrows to what you don't like.  Maybe the quality you are getting is already better than most people could expect or maybe your quality is truly bad.  I have no idea.


    As far as printing settings, any Nylon profile should work fine.  Personally I print 0.2mm layers.  My prints are functional and I don't care if layer lines are visible.  In my opinion the quality is great but I'm sure other people would say it looks like garbage.


    I care about dimensional accuracy more than how it looks so my settings may be completely incompatible with yours (there are tradeoffs among accuracy, prettiness, speed).


    Nylon has to be kept amazingly dry.  If it's very wet it will pop and sizzle and you can see steam coming out of the nozzle.  But even if it doesn't sizzle it might be just humid enough to lower quality.  non-fill nylon will be glossy smooth and if there is no dye it will also be transparent on the bottom layer.  wet nylon comes out more snowy.


    Two days sitting on the back of my printer is enough to "ruin" a spool of nylon although it's easy enough to dry it (gee where can I find a thermally controlled bed to leave the nylon sitting on for overnight?  Put it in a box or under a few towels and be very careful not to go too hot - but most nylons can handle 100C fine so I dry nylon at 80C)

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    Posted (edited) · newbie question on nylonx or other carbon filled materials

    I have been tuning the S5 for NylonX using a 100mm calibration box with a wall count of 1and 0 top/bottom layers. I ran a temp test from 245C to 275C and found that the best finish was at around 265-270C. I then ran a speed test at 30mm/s to 60mm/s and found that the best finish was achieved at 45-50mm/s. So the default settings are pretty close. I am printing on glass and found that the best adhesion came at 80C


    Here's the kicker: on the temp test the specs were as follows: res 0.2mm, line-width 0.6mm, material flow 100% but the line width came out to be 0.93 mm. I then reduced the material flow to 64% to get an actual line width of 0.6 and it worked. I am still doubting my results so please let me know if I am missing something because 64% material flow sounds like a drastic reduction.



    res 0.2mm

    line width 0.6mm

    temp 270C

    material flow 64%

    speed 50mm/s

    bed temp(glass) 80C



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