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Cura slice problem


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Posted · Cura slice problem

Hi All, 


New user and first time poster here. I just purchased a Tenlog TLD3Pro IDEX printer. They are a chinese company I know...But the printer is actually nice for the money. 


So the problem statement is that no matter what printer profile I use the slicer outputs the same start and end Gcode which my printer cannot use. 


The test prints are working great(these came on a SD card from the mfg and have the correct start and end gcode) and now I am attempting to slice files of my own in the CURA 4.8 engine that they provided an installer for, it has all the printer presets and materials from them pre-loaded in.  So this is not an official cura installer.  That said, it works well right up until the file is exported.


I have the correct printer profile selected and have even tried adding another non-Tenlog printer to see if that fixes the problem it does not.  (See printerprob.jpg)


I have attached a gcode file that is for my printer(see 40x300.gcode) and one that Cura is generating with my printer profile.  (See 3DTest.gcode) Youll see the difference right away.


Another piece of background is that I did install the official version of CURA from Ultimaker prior to the custom version.  The Tenlog website clearly stated that I had to remove old versions and delete the "cura" folder from the %AppData% and %AppDataRoaming% prior to installing their versions.  I did this.


After I installed their version and I noticed I was having the problem I removed cura, deleted the folders again and made sure there was no mention (in hidden folders or otherwise) of ultimaker or CURA on my machine.  Then I reinstalled it and am still having the same problem, no matter what printer preset is chosen, the same gcode is put at the start and end of the files generated.


Thanks for your help!  Excited to be part of this community.


Screenshot 2021-02-20 092742.png

TD3P-40X300-4h.gcode TLD_3D_Printer_test_fixed_stl_3rd_gen.gcode

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    Posted · Cura slice problem

    What exactly is happening that's troublesome?  Is the printer processor locking up?  Wrong temps?  Although the order of the commands is different they appear to be workable.  Cura explicitly calls out T0 at the start and the other file does not.  The other file has M107 P1 (turning off the layer cooling fan of the second extruder) and the Cura file turns off the fan of the active extruder which appears to be T0.

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    Posted · Cura slice problem

    I got this working, I am actually not sure what did it but now the start and end gcode appear to be what I want them to be. I uninstalled again and then started messing with the .json definition files.  Adding some dummy lines to see if they show up both in the config and in the posted gcode.  I am not exactly sure what did it but now the correct start and end codes are loading.


    I guess I could call this closed but I have no clue what I actually did to fix it.  Not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth tho..



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