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Posted · Printing Problems

If you would use the File | Save Project command you'll generate a 3mf file with all your settings in it.  Post that 3mf file here and somebody will take a look.  Without knowing any of your settings it's just guessing.

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Posted · Printing Problems

You don't need my support...I've seen your customs supports.  There is a lot of effort into that.

I hope @gr5 chips in with his thoughts.  I get first shot at it though.


This is necessarily a lot of opinion/personal preference so don't take any offense.

  • The 1.4mm line width for the initial layer is huge.  That is an effective flow rate of 350%.  I know you've got it going very slow at 12 and 15mm/sec, but that's a lot of plastic to push.
  • That amount of plastic flow coupled with an initial print temperature of 170° is making your printer work really hard to get plastic out.  At the regular printing temp of 180° the layer adhesion can't be anything to write home about either.  I print white PLA the coolest of any material I've used and I print it at 200°.  This may be one of those "personal preference" things.  You know your machine.
  • "Compensate Wall Overlaps" could be one of the problems you are having with corners.  The plan is that when walls pass close together, the extrusion is lessened to prevent over-extruding.  That means in some cases that it's under-extruding and doing it on purpose.  It's a feature that has a use in specific situations but I don't see a need for it on those parts.
  • Z-hop.  At a height of only .075mm, why not just turn it off.  The print head is jumping up and down and really not having much of an effect other than inducing vibrations.  It can also cause extrusion problems in the area between holes or other features that are on the same layer.
  • Combing.  Long combing moves allow the pressure in the nozzle to fall off.  When the "prime" comes and extrusion resumes the prime is often insufficient to meet the immediate needs of the next extrusion line.  That results in under-extrusion for a bit before the pressure can build back up.  This is usually more of a problem at the layer start and at the zseam location because so many prime moves take place there.
  • Finally, you have 50% density gyroid infill coupled with slow print speed and all the combing moves on three parts.  It's a 54 hour print.  Why not print one at a time?  The total print time won't be much different and the threat of one piece failing after 30 hours and taking the other two with it becomes nil.
  • In your photos #2 and #3, that edge needs to be supported.  You have given a lot of attention to support on the back side, but on each "front" corner, the printer is air-printing that edge.
  • The printing temperature of 180° may have something to do with the bridging problem in the c'bored hole.
  • In photo #4 those blobs happened when the nozzle made turns at the start of a layer, or at the Z seam.  There is going to be some visible "stepping" along that edge since it's a sharp corner along a compound curve. 

Using up some leftover wet filament (it's why I keep it around), I did a partial print.  This is with 0% infill, 200° print temp, 50mm/sec printing speed, combing off, "Compensate Overlaps" off, Z-hops off.  I moved the model down 35mm into the bed to avoid all the support.

As is typical when I print white PLA, there was some wispiness, but no real stringing.  There were no surface blobs.  It took 3 hours.



Have you printed a temperature tower to confirm that your machine prints well at 180° (as opposed to 195 or 200)?

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