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Bad gcode or bad printer?


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Posted · Bad gcode or bad printer?

I had some really weird stuff happening after producing gcode with cura 4.8

I can't read gcode so i attached it and would appreciate if anyone can tell if there's something obviously wrong with it.


After i hit print, instead of homing, It moved the Y axis all the way jamming it on the right side, and the extruder was doing some very fast weird movements.

It's the third time this happened today, and previously i also had some very weird stuff happening, in addition to the print i expected, i also got a very small part of another print alongside it, it's gcode being present on the same microsd card, which leads me to think it could be my printer incorrectly reading gcode.

Using an Ender 3, printing from card. Had the problem with 2 different cards, fat32.


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    Posted · Bad gcode or bad printer?

    Cura adds the Max movement to the beginning of a gcode file.


    You can see by the numbers that there isn't any gross movement, and nothing moves beyond your build plate volume.

    The Gcode looks good.  An on-line analyzer showed the speeds to be normal with a high of 150mm/sec (your travel speed).  I read the Gcode into AutoCad and it looked good.  The Gcode commands heat the hot end and bed, wait for them to hit the set temps, and then Auto-Homes before printing the purge lines.  That is normal Ender 3 and 3Pro behavior.  Slamming into the positive end stop is not good and isn't in the gcode.


    My Ender3Pro with the 1.1.5 board hates SD cards over 32gb and long file names.  The problem with long names is they don't display so I can't pick them to print.

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    Posted · Bad gcode or bad printer?

    in addition to the print i expected, i also got a very small part of another print alongside it,

    This means the printer has problems reading the SD card. I don't have an Ender3Pro printer, but here are some generic problems every SD-card printer can encounter:

    1.  SD card is corrupt. When you remove the SD-card from your computer you always have to use the 'eject' function, otherwise the computer might not have saved all file data and the administration on the SD card becomes corrupt. When you insert this SD card in your Windows computer, is it then reported as potentially damaged?
    2. SD cards larger than 32Gb are not (yet) supported by all printers.
    3. Firmware bug. FAT32 has been around for a long time, so this is not very likely
    4. Electronics design problem where interference from other devices introduces SD card reading errors.

    When I had to guess, then it's most likely option 1 or 4. Option 1 is easy to fix by choosing another SD-card. With option 4 you are out of luck.

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