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Ultimaker dominating our dinner ;-)

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I had to laugh tonight as I was driving home.

My girlfriend asked me if I could drive her 70km so she could visit a friend she had not seen in 6 years. I said yes no problem.

We got there and her parents were there.. here cousin... here neighbor.. the little Sissy...

The evening was fun. chatting about anything and everything.

Then the mom asked if we would like to stay for dinner.

We were not really in the mood to go home and then start cooking so we said OK why not.

So the whole family sat around the table.. bowed their heads... prayed for a second and then started eating..

After about 5 minutes.. the dad looked at me and asked me what my hobbies were.

I told him with bright eyes... 3d printing sir !

He looked back a little confused... whats that ?

I smiled and excused myself for a minute.

Ran outside to my car in the rain and grabbed two large printed pla heads that I always keep in the back of my car :smile:.... don't ask ! :wink:

So ran back in and dropped a big beautiful PLA ultimaker printed head on the table..

It was like I just beamed the daddy onto a star trek space ship...

all you could hear was ... wowww. uhhhhh.... ohhhhh.

The diner was basically forgotten for the next two and a half hours... LOL

The people there were so amazing... fascinated with the technology and what was now possible simply with an ultimaker in their own home... I never heard so many.. wowwws in my life LOLL

When we were putting on our jackets to go.. the daddy and mom turned to us and said.... your ultimaker is most most welcome to visit us anytime.... and you also ! :wink:

Thanks Ultimaker... now you own my diner time as well !! :wink:

A very happy Ian :smile:


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exactly the same here. spent Christmas at grandparents with the whole family, and it was just a solid conversaion about 3D printing. shame i didn't have any examples.

then my cousin and her boyfriend turned up, and he was a design tech teacher at a school, and new all about 3D printing, and even looked at getting a 3D printer for there school!

not met a single person that goes "urgh, that's stupid", however i think its starting to grate on everyone at the office :)


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and it was just a solid conversaion about 3D printing.


I hope you occasionally try active listening as well and let other people steer the conversation. :) Consider asking people questions about what they are interested in also occasionally. 3D printing shouldn't be more than 80% of the conversation. :)


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thankfully the conversation did change sometimes, unfortunately it was when my cousin (10) blurted out he got GTA V for Christmas. oh dear.

still ,that leads on to, anyone here sick and tired of the "oh hope you don't print a gun and shoot me, ha ha ha!" that seems to come every time you mention you own a 3D printer?


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