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bed adhesion problem pla ultimaker

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Posted · bed adhesion problem pla ultimaker

Hello everybody

I just bought an Ultimaker 2+ connect and I am not getting the result I want

I have been working with other types of cheap printers to date with no problems but I have bought this printer and I cannot get the PLA to stick on the hot bed

I have tried with UHU stick and all the advice in the forum but I cannot settle the piece on the first layer. I have tried practically all the temperatures of both the nozzle and the bed and it improves in some points but worsens in others

I can get to print the quality pieces since the problem is only the first layers but I suffer from warping

I am a bit worried since I have gone from a cheap Chinese printer to a Ultimaker and I thought that using their own materials would be everything much faster and easier

I have leveled the bed infinite times, closer, further without improvement

Do you recommend any type of glue for printing? What could be the problem?


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    Posted · bed adhesion problem pla ultimaker

    Hi and welcome to the forum!


    The normal UHU glue stick is perfect, make a few stripes and then distribute it with a wet towel to get a fine layer of glue. 


    But even without glue PLA should stick well to the glass. If not, then in 99% of the cases your leveling is not correct and you need to level closer to the glass. I know it from a lot of posts here that many users say, they have leveled the bed many times and it is still not working, but believe me, it is the leveling.


    When you level the bed with the included card, I level until I have the feeling the nozzle would scratch the card, but I am still able to pull the card out. So when you move the card should feel some resistance and not just a little bit.


    If it still not works, please post a picture of your first layer.

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    Posted · bed adhesion problem pla ultimaker

    Overcome by the pla I have tried with a new coil that had a smartfill ASA


    I have used the Ultimaker default setting in cura not compatible with my printer, and I have gone down from 255º which was really very hot to 240º


    I have added magigoo PA that I had bought for nylon that I also plan to use (and that I don't want to try with PLA in case it gets too hooked on the glass) and at the moment it seems to hook very well.


    I have tried without magigoo and it has been impossible for me to hook something on the bed without getting up


    I attach two photographs of the first bed that I notice as a kind of projections (it is not detached) that I do not know exactly if they are normal from the second layer everything disappears looking good


    I think I have it well calibrated but I don't know if I'm failing in any step, the calibration card can be inserted and removed with some resistance and friction but without getting stuck


    Maybe trying this second material can help me a little to find my problem





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    Posted · bed adhesion problem pla ultimaker

    ASA is very different, ASA sticks not so good to the bed and needs often an other adhesion agent. I use Dimafix or 3DLac spray.


    The first layer looks ok, in the 2nd picture there are some "waves" but they should disappear with the 2nd layer. Could be a temperature problem, maybe too hot, but I have such things also from time to time and don't care because it is not visible in the end.

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    Posted · bed adhesion problem pla ultimaker

    I have finished printing successfully with 0 problems


    The problem has come when trying to take off the piece since it was very well glued.


    I have seen in the forum that it is recommended to put in the freezer for a while to be able to detach the piece. This has worked but when taking it off it has also taken a piece of glass!


    Right now I don't really know what to do and what the problem is


    Could someone tell me something about this?





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    Posted · bed adhesion problem pla ultimaker

    I have run another test again and have had the same problem

    Once the piece has cooled, I have put it under water so that it detaches itself and that is what I have found the glass has broken and stuck to the piece

    Has anyone had this problem?


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    Posted · bed adhesion problem pla ultimaker

    Which material?

    It happens often with ToughPLA or ABS, that's the reason why you should use different adhesion agents for different materials. For ToughPLA I use a thick layer of glue, not the increase adhesion but to protect the glass. For ABS or ASA I use Dimafix. But it still happens from time to time with ABS that I my glass gets chipped.

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    Posted · bed adhesion problem pla ultimaker
    On 29/4/2021 at 22:01, Smithy said:

    ¿Qué material?

    Ocurre a menudo con ToughPLA o ABS, esa es la razón por la que debe usar diferentes agentes de adhesión para diferentes materiales. Para ToughPLA utilizo una capa gruesa de pegamento, no para aumentar la adherencia sino para proteger el vidrio. Para ABS o ASA utilizo Dimafix. Pero todavía sucede de vez en cuando con ABS que mi vidrio se astilla.


    I will be testing with another adhesion agent to see if it improves


    He also bought ceramic glasses


    Thank you

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    Posted · bed adhesion problem pla ultimaker

    You are welcome and please report back when you have a result of your tests. 

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    Posted · bed adhesion problem pla ultimaker

    I am using nylstrong with ruby 0.6 tip with good results


    magigoo PA should be applied, let it dry and have the entire impression at 70º hot bed. more temperature makes the part jump (in fact the manual says so).


    I'm printing at 260 degrees nozzle


    once the printing is finished, if you heat the bed to 100 degrees it peels off practically on its own but I still have some small flaw in the glass that I think I can fix with the new ones


    Thank you

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