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ABS Layer Separation and Extruder Stops Extruding


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Posted · ABS Layer Separation and Extruder Stops Extruding

Pride comes before a fall, so a fail was inevitable after being so pleased with my semi-vintage microphone housing, so I am looking for a brain, perhaps younger and at least more potent than mine!


I have had problems previously with layer separation, especially at layers where holes/penetrations occur and also problems with the extruder just giving up extruding [80% through the print this time] and just goes through the motions anyway. Both things happened with this print. I posted something previously and tried most of the suggestions, but the problem remains.


Sorry/not sorry about bombarding you with documentation, but hopefully it gives all the info needed. The material is ABS and the printer is in a non-heated enclosure. The settings compare the microphone housing with the failed print – differences in red clouds and anything greyed out by Cura, I have further greyed out – although they may be relevant to my issue.


Any advice would be hugely appreciated…


A8 SJC Rebuild (18A).jpg



1 of many.jpg

2 of many.jpg

3 of many.jpg

4 of many.jpg

5 of many.jpg

6 of many.jpg

7 of many.jpg

8 of many.jpg

9 of many.jpg

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    Posted · ABS Layer Separation and Extruder Stops Extruding

    1) I think you have an issue with your Z axis.  I think it slipped too far vertically.  This is a very common problem among 3d printers and could be caused by dirt in the z screw or lower quality parts - either znut, zscrew, vertical rods, vertical bearings.  I could be wrong - it's possible the extruder stopped extruding for a layer.  These gaps can also be caused by bad layer adhesion and cooling/warping but then the gap would be a different thickness in different locations.  So I don't think it's that.  Is this the type of printer where the Bed moves down as it prints?  Or the type of printer where the nozzle moves up?  If the former then try putting a weight (a brick?) on the print bed.  At least 1 kg.  To see if it moves more uniformly.


    If you have a problem with clogging (common with ABS) then you need to either print faster (e.g. change layer height to 0.2mm) or cooler.  I recommend faster.  Every printer is different so ignore what other people say is the best printing temp for ABS.  The best temp is different for every printer.


    2) Why ABS?  ABS is difficult for MANY reasons.  PLA is 1000X more popular for good reasons - it doesn't clog so easily, it doesn't need a heated chamber, it doesn't warp and split as easily as ABS and most importantly PLA doesn't clog easily.  The only property I can think of that is better than PLA is temperature resistance.  PLA gets soft at about 52C and ABS gets soft at about 99C.  If you need a higher temp material there is nGen, PETG, CPE which get soft around 70C to 80C depending on the material.


    nGen, PETG, CPE are much much easier to print than ABS.  They print almost as easily as PLA.


    Also ABS smells bad when you print it.  Really bad.  Not a problem with the other materials I mention.  I'd throw away the whole spool of ABS.  Or give it to your enemy as a "gift".


    The problems you are having here are not even the most common problems.  Wait until you discover the really annoying issues of ABS!  Then you will *really* learn to hate ABS.

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