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(solved) Cura 14.01 - printer restart after aborted print

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Hi guys,

I just updated my Ultimaker2 firmware with Cura 14.01. Now, when I abort a print, the printer seems to restart itself. Afterwards I manually have to lower the buildplate and home the printhead.

Additionally, it seems like I can't manually extrude material from the menu when this happened. When I restart the printer again, everything is fine and works normal.

Anyone else experienced this?



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I haven't tested an abort yet but I just now finished a print and my printer reset itself after the print was done. The print worked as expected, it showed both temperatures as it was cooling down (YAY!) for a few seconds and then *click* restart. Very strange.


I made a mistake and put the wrong firmware initially in the download. If the download if from before 13:30 dutch time, you should download it again. I hoped nobody grabbed the wrong version, but I guess I was wrong.


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