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Ultimaker Original+ Ultimainboard v2.1.1 LED PWM connector type

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Posted (edited) · Ultimaker Original+ Ultimainboard v2.1.1 LED PWM connector type

I'd like to add LEDs to my UMO+ that I have running Marlin v2. Some other posts mention the Ultimainboard v2.1.1 used in the UMO+ having an LED PWM output that can be used. 


It would be nice to buy the correct adapter and solder the LED strip to the adapter for easy install and remove rather than solder the LED leads directly to the board and risk breaking something. There are some pictures on the internet showing the LED PWM connector but I haven't found the name of it yet. I've attached a photo with the port in question circled. 


What connector type is the LED PWM port using?



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    Posted · Ultimaker Original+ Ultimainboard v2.1.1 LED PWM connector type
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    Posted · Ultimaker Original+ Ultimainboard v2.1.1 LED PWM connector type

    Torgeir, thanks for the connector info. I got a 24V 5050 LED strip that is about 24 inches long soldered to a precrimped connector that I ordered. 

    Strangely, the precrimped connector I ordered has the black lead on the positive side and the red lead is on the negative (minus) end of the connection once plugged in according to the Ultimaker Original Plus BOM diagram. 


    When turning on the Ultimaker, there appears to be no power to the connectors. Using a multimeter shows a 0V with the the positive and negative measuring leads oriented according the BOM diagram and a -0V when placed opposite (black to black like the connector came precrimped) so the BOM voltage direction seems correct.


    I don't see an option in the menu to enable LEDs and am running an almost stock Marlin v2.0.8 with configuration values copied from the last official UMO+ firmware (Marlin v1). Enabling #

    #define RGBW_LED


    #define RGB_LED_W_PIN 13

    throws a sanity check when compiling. Seems like the Ultimain v2 board option in Marlin v2 is not compatible with the RGBW_LED option. 


    Do you know if there is another option for single color LEDs in Marlin v2 that is used for the Ultimain v2 board to enable LED PWM port on the UMO+? 


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    Posted (edited) · Ultimaker Original+ Ultimainboard v2.1.1 LED PWM connector type

    Hi @ansonl,


    Well, I'm not sure exactly what type of main board you've bought.

    The first picture is version; 2.1.4 this board, having the "new" type of connector for the bed and two nozzle heaters and is also modified to remove the "sebra" stripe problem..


    The second board is version; 2.1.1 is the oldest (?) main board version used in UM2.


    When it come to the LED strip connector, the +24 VDC is live +24 VDC as long the printer is switched on.

    Just to measure the +24 VDC pin, -measure here against the true ground on the main board..


    The minus pin for the LED strip is connected to a "high" speed transistor that is controlled by the PWM (pulse width modulated) signal from the processor. So in other word, the ground pin is pulsed toward ground.


    Measuring the PWM signal with a multimeter would not work very well.


    I can see that you're up to speed in Arduino..

    So my best advice for you, use UM2 firmware and modify from here as needed.


    Keep up the good work.




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    Posted · Ultimaker Original+ Ultimainboard v2.1.1 LED PWM connector type

    @Torgeir, I did some more looking and got it working in Marlin v2.


    The power pins polarity is as marked on the v2.1.1 schematic. My UMO+ actually does have v2.1.4 but Ultimaker does not release the PDF version of the PCB so I used the handy v2.1.4 schematic that @jonnybischof exported. The board version difference does not have any changes to the LED PWM port as far as I can tell. Luckily the molex connector pins are removable so I didn't have to resolder the LED wiring. 


    The LED PWM pin number listed in the Marlin Ultimainv2 board configuration as digital pin 8 matches up with the v2.1.4 schematics and Atmega256 pin map. 


    The correct menu configuration option for a single color LED strip is


    and NOT the misleadingly named

    #define LED_CONTROL_MENU

    which is used for multi-color RGB LED strips. The Marlin case light control uses the CASE_LIGHT_PIN already correctly defined in the Marlin Ultimainv2 board configuration. All that's needed is to uncomment the CASE_LIGHT_ENABLE code line.


    I actually created a working Marlin v2 configuration that was merged with the main Marlin repo a while ago but have been tuning the parameters to get better prints with an old printer so I will update the config soon. 



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    Posted · Ultimaker Original+ Ultimainboard v2.1.1 LED PWM connector type

    Hi @ansonl,


    This schematic is the one issued by Ultimaker for ver 2.1.4., -and the connector is the same pin wise.


    This is great.


    Way to go..



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