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Posted · Lotmaxx Shark

I have a Lotmaxx Shark v2 and was told to download Cura and select the Lotmaxx Shark profile. Im very lost. I got Cura downloaded but cannot find anything about Lotmaxx printers. have had the printer for three weeks and only been able to print the 3 g code files it has on it. bout to send it back. the lotmaxx program that came with the printer failed to work multiple times. please help

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    Posted · Lotmaxx Shark

    First of all, please don't use an existing thread which has nothing to do with your question. I moved your question to a new threads to keep everything clean here.


    Regarding your problem:

    Thats sadly a known practice of cheap Chinese printer vendors. They don't have a slicer software or use something which doesn't really work. Then they (or someone else) suggest to use Cura, but they don't provide the needed printer profile for it. Most of the 3rd party printer profiles in Cura are contributed by the community, so when someone has created a profile already and contributed it to the project it is included. If not, then you have to find the profile yourself or create it from scratch.


    17 minutes ago, scottrod73 said:

    have had the printer for three weeks and only been able to print the 3 g code files it has on it. bout to send it back.


    In my opinion it would be best choice to send it back. Personally I would not buy a printer which is not working out of the box and you have to struggle through the internet to find a way to get your printer working. Just my 2 cents.


    If you want to keep it, I would ask the person who has suggested Cura to you, I guess he will also have a working printer profile.


    If not, maybe someone else here in the forum has some ideas, I never have heard about a printer with such a  name, so I am sorry, I cannot help.

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    Posted · Lotmaxx Shark

    OK.  Cura does have a definition for a couple of models of LottMax printers and on my install I do have a Shark listed.  I think it's probably the V1, but if you have it then it should work.  I have customized my installation of Cura and you might not have the Shark but printers run in families and one of the other ones should be OK.  The two most important things are the Gcode flavor and the build plate size.  Those are both adjustable from within Cura.


    In Cura, click on Settings and then Printer.  Down at the bottom will be "add printer" and click on that.

    In the next dialog click on "add a non-networked printer".  Scroll down the list to "LottMax" and click on it.

    Select the "Shark" model if it is there, or the SC-20 if it isn't.  (If you don't have a LottMax available then choose the Ender 3 from the Creality list as it is close enough)  On the right side of the dialog you can name your printer.

    When you are happy with the name click on the "Add" button.

    The next dialog has some of the printer settings.  The V1 Shark appears to have a build volume of X=235, Y=235, Z=265.  Check those numbers against what you printer really is.

    A couple of boxes below that is the Gcode flavor.  The other LottMax printers are Marlin so that is a safe place to start.

    Don't worry about the numbers on the right side of the dialog box(PrintHead Settings) as they are for printing in a special mode "one at a time".  You can play with that later.


    That should be it.  Load a simple STL file like a calibration cube (don't start with a character, they can be tough).  Above the Cura Settings is the Setting Search box and to the right of the search box is a dropdown for setting visibility.  Select the dropdown and set the visibility to "all".

    Scroll down and look at all the settings to get and idea of what is there.  Make sure your temperatures are correct, set the all the speed settings to 40 and travel speeds to 100  and slice the model.  Take a good look at the preview.  When you are happy with the way it looks, generate the gcode by clicking on the "Save to Hard Drive / Save to removeable drive" button.  Go ahead and print the gcode file.


    Let us know how you do.  Even the Aston Martin drivers here will be curious as to how us Yugo drivers make out.


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