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Feeder pushing bowden tube out of mount


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Posted · Feeder pushing bowden tube out of mount

Hello all. So I had some feeding issues with my S5 grinding divots in my filament. My own fault, I'd taken the feeder unit apart to clean out gunk and not reassembled it properly. But now I'm having a problem where as that feeder pushes filament down the bowden tube it's pushing the tube out of the feeder. After a few seconds the tube pops clean out, even with the little retaining horseshoe in place. Means that feeder is essentially out-of-order. 


My first plan is to replace the bowden tube, in case the end has got too mushed up for the retaining clip to grasp, and also to replace the push-in clip. However the only replacement tube I can see from one of my suppliers is marked as being for the 1, 2 and 3 models. Not the S5. Are they still compatible? Also I can't find the clips for sale. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find them?



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    Posted · Feeder pushing bowden tube out of mount

    just cut 2mm off the end of the bowden and then put it back in.  No need to buy a new bowden.  The S5 bowdens are significantly longer than the UMO,UM2,UM3,S3 models which have the same length bowden.


    Also since you are doing this on the feeder end, you should maybe chamfer the inside of the bowden using a countersink drill bit.  Or even better just use an exacto blade to cut a chamfer inside the bowden to help guide the filament into the bowden.  Either way, clean it up with an exacto as you don't want a tiny piece of PFA tubing making it's way to your nozzle and causing an annoying clog only fixable with a cold pull (I'm not certain but PFA probably melts at a much higher temp than PLA).


    The white collet has 4 metal blades in it.  If after cutting 2mm off the end of the bowden, the bowden still has keeps popping off then you need a new collet.  These are easy to find at reprap/3d printing sites.  Make sure you get one for 1/4 inch I.D. tubing (6mm O.D.?) meant for 3mm filament and not for 1.75mm filament bowdens (4mm O.D.?). 


    3dsolex in Norway sells these collets for next to nothing.  Plus they sell S5 bowdens (which come with the clips and collets) that have been pre-countersunk.  Plus those bowdens are made of teflon so are super super slippery and can improve your printing performance.

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