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Prints are coming out inversely Sapphire Plus & Cura.


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Posted · Prints are coming out inversely Sapphire Plus & Cura.

Hi All


I am brand new here , i set up a Sapphire Plus using the latest Cura slicer and downloaded MKS wifi from market place (to see job onscreen).   I have been printing for all of a couple days before i hit a couple good hurdles.


I printed off 4 of these toothpaste objects, 1 at a time https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:867811 to kick things off.  It worked fantastic.   I also printed off some of the deathly hallows pendants too no issue.


The "on display" view did not show the print job, so at some point during this process i re-installed MKS Wifi via github, this solved the viewing issue on the printer screen.  I also modified/tweaked a few of the settings on the BASIC level throughout the process.

However, i have 2 new issues, every design i pull from thingyverse prints the "inverse" of what it is supposed too?  Got me baffled and i searched google and this forum and have not seen the issue here?  Oh and now i get this CRASH report every time i close Cura slicer.

Has anyone come across the issue?  I am yet to re-install Cura, as i was hoping maybe i can solve the inverse issue if not both.



1153984_ScreenShot2021-08-23at1_49_01pm.thumb.png.2883b8cf423ed8f0eff9d6333827a5e6.png    1208842802_ScreenShot2021-08-23at1_48_49pm.thumb.png.fc5f11d4edc9f320d7b5526c020d3361.png


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    Posted · Prints are coming out inversely Sapphire Plus & Cura.

    Ok, so since then i have deleted the app from my mac using App cleaner, checked all the boxes and re-installed.


    My profile re-appeared which suggests it did not do a great job so i guess i have to go manually and delete. I then created a new profile for the printer and deleted the old one.


    Issue persists.... I confirmed the issue is Cura.  i got a friend with Cura to slice and send me the g-code, it printed great.  


    i then slice and it prints inverted again.....

    So I am about to try uninstall/delete manually for a 2nd time.  See what happens.  

    Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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    Posted · Prints are coming out inversely Sapphire Plus & Cura.

    When you say inverted - it's printing upside down? or is it printing a symmetrical opposite?  If it's an opposite then which axis is it being mirrored about?

    Those photos are of 2 different parts so they don't seem to be real helpful.

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    Posted · Prints are coming out inversely Sapphire Plus & Cura.

    Hi Greg


    Appreciate you taking the time to respond.  Hopefully the definition clarifies.


    As adjectives the difference between opposite and inverse

     is that opposite is located directly across from something else, or from each other while inverse is opposite in effect or nature or order.


    The photos are not of 2 different parts, thats actually the issue.  I downloaded the STL from Thingverse, i sliced from my Cura and the orange one printed.  I then gave the STL file to a friend who sliced it using their Cura and sent it back.  When i printed theirs it printed as per the blue model.


    1 STL file: top one sliced from friends Cura, bottom one was from mine.




    So last night i uninstalled Cura, deleted the remaining Library files and re-installed.  No previous profile came up, so that was a good start to a clean install.


    I did not install MKS Wifi and only changed a couple of the BASIC print settings. Printer works correctly today. 


    So i am up and running for the moment, i will make changes slowly between prints to see if i can isolate the issue if it re-occurs.




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    Posted (edited) · Prints are coming out inversely Sapphire Plus & Cura.

    Under "Special Modes" is a setting called "Mold".  It makes a negative of the part (an "inverse") that can be used (among other things) to pour another material into to make the "real" part.

    Just above all the Cura settings is a box for "Settings Search".  Just to the right of that is a dropdown for setting visibility.  Scroll down the visibility options and select "All".  Go through and make sure there are no other surprises.  The only thing you should have checked in Mesh Fixes is maybe Union Overlapping Volumes.  Nothing should be checked in Special Modes, and nothing should be checked in Experimental.  All of those are Special Use settings.  When you do need them for a project they are handy, but then you have to remember to turn them off or odd things can happen to your next project.

    FYI there are two types of *.3mf files.  One type contains just a model.  The other type is a Cura Project file and contains:  the printer, all the Cura settings, and the model.  When you or your friend find a Cura setup that works you can choose "File | Save Project" and create a Cura project .3mf file and share that.  Sharing the gcode is fine, but passing project files back and forth gives a different view of what is actually going on.


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    Posted · Prints are coming out inversely Sapphire Plus & Cura.

    Hi Greg


    Thanks again for the quick reply and all the detail.  I took a screen shot of the settings before i re-installed, and yes the Mold was ticked.  Not sure how i managed to tick that box, maybe when i had it set to ALL and was reviewing the large amount of settings and trying to get my head around what they do.


    Anyway appreciate your help solving the issue.  






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