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Ultimaker 2+ and Utimaker PETG?


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Posted · Ultimaker 2+ and Utimaker PETG?

Hi Paul, hope you are well. I checked with the team and from what I understand it doesn't have a profile (yet) because from data we have the majority of UM2+ doesn't use Ultimaker filaments. There is no technical reason that it shouldn't accept PETG. Personally I feel we should have a profile for each Ultimaker printers. So I've raised the suggestion with our material department and we're looking into adding it to the list. Knowing there is a demand helps 🙂 Thanks!

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Posted · Ultimaker 2+ and Utimaker PETG?

So the UM2 series printers (but not the UM2+C) are unique in that you set the material on the printer, not in Cura.  The only differences you need to adjust among PLA, ABS, CPE, PETG is:

fan speed, bed temperature, nozzle temperature


TPU also needs a flow adjustment which is the last thing you can adjust per material on the UM2/UM2+ series printers.


Anyway, that's it: fan, bed temp, nozzle temp.


So the manufacturer will tell you what to set for bed and nozzle temps and I recommend 50% for the fan.


But this has nothing to do with Cura!  You can't set any of those settings in cura for the UM2 series printers (including "+" printers).  The UM2+C is the only exception - you set those in cura for the UM2+C so it needs profiles for different materials.


Maybe you want to know how to setup the UM2+ for CPE?

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    Posted · Ultimaker 2+ and Utimaker PETG?

    Here's how to setup more materials for UM2 series printers:



    I did that for all my UM2go printers.  I have been printing ngen this week which is pretty much the same thing as CPE and PETG.

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    Posted · Ultimaker 2+ and Utimaker PETG?

    I think my next follow up would be what settings in MATERIALS.TXT does Ultimaker recommend?


    Ive used nGen a lot in the past. It prints well but I’ve found it to not be very strong. That snap can be alarming!

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    Posted · Ultimaker 2+ and Utimaker PETG?

    I think UM kind of don't support UM2 so much anymore.  They seem to only have recommendations for their own materials like CPE and let the manufacturer of each material post their own.  I googled this and they have some recommendations for CPE on um2 but ngen is slightly different I suspect.  And colorfab is going to have a pretty big range of temps.


    I use ngen because it's slightly higher temperature and I ship parts that can end up in postal trucks above 130F.  Also it prints and acts a lot like PLA so it's pretty easy to print.


    I did break an ngen print recently (a knob) but it was pretty badly underextruded.  Part of the assembly process involves using a wrench to tighten a nut against the printed knob and I shattered the knob as there was basically no infill.  Once the knob is in use the torque applied is about 100X less so I'm not too worried about the strength.



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