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Can't figure out how to make file watertight


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Posted · Can't figure out how to make file watertight

Total newbie to 3D printing here...I can't figure out how to get this file to print correctly. It's supposed to have a large hole in the bottom but the printer always fills it in. I've tried using Mesh Tools and it says that the file needs more extensive repair and I don't know what else to do. Can someone help? 


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    Posted (edited) · Can't figure out how to make file watertight

    Go to the Mesh Fixes section of the settings and turn all of them off (except maybe "Union overlapping Volumes").  "Remove All Holes" is the usual culprit.  "Make Overhangs Printable" is another one that can cause un-wanted effects.


    For STL repair I've been using https://formware.co/OnlineStlRepair.  It's OK but the file limit is 20mb.


    When you ask for help on this forum the most useful file to post is a Cura Project file.  Use "File | Save Project".  The resulting 3mf file will contain your printer, your model, and your settings.  Sometimes just the STL is enough, and sometimes the gcode file is needed, but a project file contains the most info.

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    Posted · Can't figure out how to make file watertight

    Thanks for the reply. I have tried turning off all of those settings and still, the hole at the bottom gets filled. 


    I'm using a super old version of Google SketchUp and it can only save 3D files .dae format. 


    I attached the Cura project file. Any other things I should try? Thanks again. 


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    Posted · Can't figure out how to make file watertight

    This is the report from the STL repair site.  SketchUp files often have problems.  Some need to repaired in SketchUp, others can be figured out by the repair utility.  In this case I think they were all fixed by the utility.


    --> 7 Naked edges (?)
    --> 1 Planar holes (?)
    --> 0 Non-planar holes (?)
    --> 1 Non-manifold edges (?)
    --> 52 Inverted faces (?)
    --> 0 Degenerate faces (?)
    --> 0 Duplicate faces (?)
    --> 0 Disjoint shells (?)

    -> Repairing: 100.00%

    ----- Repair completed in 271ms ------
    -> Vertex count changed from 154 to 230 (+76)
    -> Triangle count changed from 302 to 460 (+158)


    Here are your file on the left and the repaired file on the right in Cura X-Ray view.  You can see that the red patches intrude into what should be the hole.  You can see in the report that there are 52 inverted faces.  Those are serious errors.  I don't know SketchUp but if those are the surfaces that make up the ID of the hole then that's the problem.  Inverted faces confuse Cura and the program can't tell the outside from the inside.



    Anyway, here is the repaired file.  It should slice correctly for you.




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    Posted · Can't figure out how to make file watertight

    Consider moving away from SketchUp: this was never developed for 3D-printing, only for on-screen 3D-models. Try DesignSpark Mechanical instead: it is freeware too (requires registration), and has a very similar modeling-style with "push-pull" concept. I never had any STL-problems. There are lots of good tutorial and demo videos on DesignSpark Mechanical on Youtube. And it is very easy to learn, as easy as SketchUp. It takes time to learn, yes, but you will soon win that time back due to far less printing problems and model debugging. You will still have printing problems, but then mostly due to poor design decisions (trying things that can not print well, like too steep overhangs), but not due to poor design-software and its bugs.


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