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Please Help change printer type um3e to um 3


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Posted · Please Help change printer type um3e to um 3

Wow.  Good question.  So I looked around and I also couldn't find either this folder nor this python file anywhere on my printer (it may be there - I only looked around the "griffin" folders).


I think instead this is found on the installer operating system.


@CarloK or @robinmdh should hopefully know the answer.

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    Posted · Please Help change printer type um3e to um 3

    @3DPrintto - I'm pretty sure the answer is going to involve a uSD card (between 4MB and 32MB is best) and the unbricking procedure (talk to your reseller to get instructions and location of the ISO file).  You might also have to buy an "olimex-serial-F" cable (although there are many other manufacturers of USB-to-serial cables that should also work just fine).  So you *might* want to work on those steps while you wait for the above 2 Ultimaker workers to come back to work tomorrow.


    Or maybe there is a way to install/copy in this python file using apt-get, or scp.

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    Posted · Please Help change printer type um3e to um 3

    So I had been looking on my S5 but when I checked my UM3, I had a very old version of the firmware and it still had that folder (/ulti_installer/).  I guess your olimex board has newer firmware (makes sense).  I zipped it up for you (there's only a handful of files in there) but then realized the locations in the eeprom may have moved from one version of the firmware to the next so I was afraid to give it to you:  It could brick your printer.  Probably not.


    But then I learned more.  So you can dump out the eeprom with this command - there's not much in there:


    root@ultimakersystem-ccbdd3005b4c:/# hexdump /sys/bus/i2c/devices/1-0050/eeprom  -C
    00000000  55 ff ff ff ff ff ff ff  cc bd d3 00 5b 4c cb ff  |U...........[L..|
    00000010  ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff  ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff  |................|
    00000100  00 00 23 5b ff ff ff ff  30 65 7f b1 b6 48 4e 41  |..#[....0e...HNA|
    00000110  ac 52 72 1b a6 f3 ab c9  ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff  |.Rr.............|
    00000120  ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff  ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff  |................|


    That "/sys/bus...eeprom" points to a file like device which linux can read and write to similar to most files but it's not really a file.  I don't know if you can use a hex editor but anyway.  Do the above and take a picture with your phone or something first.  THIS IS IMPORTANT.


    Note that starting at address 100 (256 decimal) you see "00 00 23 5b"  That's hex for 9066 (use a calculator or web page to translate).  9066 is for UM3.  Make sure that agrees with your hex dump!! It's possible this information (aka the BOM number) moved on your newer firmware.  But I really doubt it as I looked at my S5 and it's in the same place (different bom number).  Note also your MAC address is both in the prompt name (those lines that start with "root@ulti...") and also at hex location 8 where it starts "cc bd d3 00" etc.


    STEP 2

    Did you make a backup of your hexdump?  By taking a picture?  If not you are living very dangerously.  Do step 1 if you didn't yet.


    I zipped up the utility here: gr5.org/ulti_install.tar.gz


    download that and then copy it to your printer with scp (similar to ssh).  For example:

    scp ulti_install.tar.gz root:192.168.1.XXX/.


    Replace the 192.168.1.XXX with the ip address of your particular printer.  scp works on mac or linux but on windows I think there is a way to do it with putty maybe?  Maybe not - google it.


    now unzip it - loginto the linux machine and do "cd /" to get to the same folder where you copied it to then do:


    tar xvfz ulti_installer.tar.gz


    That will create a subfolder (you can actually do this anywhere you want - you didn't have to scp it to the root (/) folder.


    Go into the ulti_installer subfolder and try the python3 command now.


    STEP 3


    DO NOT REBOOT - DO NOT POWER OFF - Your machine may be bricked right now


    Do another hexdump as above.  Make sure everything is identical except the "bom part number" should now be "23 5b" instead of whatever it is for the UM3 extended.  All the other numbers should hopefully be unchanged.  It's possible the MAC address will change.  I suppose that's probably okay.  It might be that this utility grabs the mac address from the ethernet board and puts it in the eeprom.  I'm not sure - the code is very simple - only maybe 30 lines of code - but I didn't look too carefully.


    Only power cycle when you are confident that the eeprom data looks good.  Otherwise you may have to by an olimex serial F cable to get into root (ssh might not work).


    Hopefully someone at Ultimaker has a better solution tomorrow and I can delete this post!



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    Posted · Please Help change printer type um3e to um 3

    Guys, thanks many thanks, decision was to downgrade the olimex with 4.3 firmware and then just conect with ssh and paste python3 /ulti_installer/configure_eeprom.py 9066 

    and after that. I got message "bom changed to 9066"  and now everything work. Thanks !!!!!! 


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    Posted · Please Help change printer type um3e to um 3

    That sounds like a bit more work with uSD cards and tricky software to get the ISO onto the uSD but not too bad.


    I hope someone from firmware team can explain a better way.  Maybe @CarloK knows someone.

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    Posted · Please Help change printer type um3e to um 3

    Setting the model id number (BOM) should only be done once during production, together with the MAC address. With version 5.2.18 (or 5.2.17) we introduced a new software installer, copied from the S-line, and this lacks the routines for setting the model-id. Shouldn't be a problem now the UM3 is no longer in production. Replacement boards should have the correct id programmed.


    The easiest route to changing the BOM number is perhaps to install v5.2.16 from USB, log in over SSH and run the script, then install the latest firmware again.

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    Posted (edited) · Please Help change printer type um3e to um 3

    @CarloK informs me this did not work on the UM3, we'll have a look together, sorry if that got anyone's hopes up, this method does work on the S5 and S3 and was created after the other method used by @3DPrintto above, was removed.



    @CarloK and @3DPrintto
    You should be able to create a file named 'article_number' on an usb drive containing the new BOM number in ascii hexadecimal format (separated per byte) like this: "0x00 0x00 0x23 0x6a" (that being the equivalent of 9066) and reboot with that file on the usb stick.
    (do remember to not leave that on your usb drive or inserted in the printer, it causes writes to the eeprom even if it's already set)

    Edited by robinmdh
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