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How to improve the print quality

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Posted · How to improve the print quality

Any pointers to improve the strength?


Increasing temperature can usually fix layer adhesion issues. So if the crack is mostly along a layer boundary (and it sounds like it is) then you *might* have layer adhesion issues and higher temp can make a huge difference. Different PLAs need different temps. I don't know if translucent green normally needs higher temp.

Layer adhesion is not so much an issue with PLA as it is with ABS and Nylon because PLA has a much lower glass temperature so it's much easier for the next layer up to melt the layer below enough for a good bond. But it's definitely worth trying. The only downside of going up to 230,240 or 250C is that you may get much more stringing in the gaps. So you might want to only increase the temp for a few layers. Or only increase it a little (to 230C).

Or maybe you just have too much stress on the joint. Maybe you need to print your cell phone case the tiniest bit bigger - in other words maybe it's too tight. Maybe only .2mm bigger is enough. Maybe only in one or two spots do you need to enlarge. Look it over carefully.

Or maybe you can enlarge the radius by actually removing material at the corner - thus spreading the forces over a little more area. Like when you drill a hole at the end of a crack to keep it from spreading:



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