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Print error!! help

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after a few hours, printing out all to the left

(I do not know if my description is correct)


My printer is having problems with large prints!

few hours after printing, the workpiece is displaced to the left.


I am sending some pictures to describe:

(sorry for the bad quality of the photos)





please help me.


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The printer has trouble printing "in air". It needs to print each layer on top of something existing. Can you share where you got your orginal model? Or post your STL somewhere?

One uption is to turn on "support" in cura.

Another option is to use meshmixer to get supports:



pay particular attention to how to rotate your part in the "annoyances & limitaions" section and also note that there is a small error where he set layer height to "0.5" mm and it should be the layer height you print at e.g. .2 or .1mm.



Another option is to maybe rotate your print to a different angle, or print 2 halves and glue together later. I don't know what the best option is because I don't know what your STL file looks like.


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I'm already aware of the problems of support, but also has the problem of print head jump to the left and play half the impression it out ...


but really the Cure is not creating good shock absorber for the part and I even tried to create some 3d software


Sem título2

IMG 1991


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This is an improvement I think.

This is just a very difficult print. I think it will come out better (not so much sticking out) if you use .1mm layers and keep the speed at 50mm/sec. Slower is almost always better.

It's also important to have 100% fan. Do you?

That last finger could use more support and it would help if the supports were a little thicker - those thin supports might get knocked over.

You should get a small improvement but this is a very difficult print.


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Can you confirm that it is not caused by support structures being knocked over?

If you added the support in Meshmixer, I would advise to make thicker support beams, and more om them.

IMHO your support structures are not capable of carrying the load and the extruder head hits the print, showing some sort of displacement in the print.

More clear pictures would be appreciated.




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