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inner wall


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Hello all , this model is causing me some problems

it prints exactly the way it looks , the green prints in circular 

i have tried most settings in cura but i am no expert , can anyone explain whats happening please

Screenshot 2021-11-24 180405.png

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    Posted (edited) · inner wall

    The green lines are inner walls and the red lines are outer walls.  They always follow the outside boundary of the part.  The yellow lines are Top skins.

    • You can change the Top/Bottom pattern from Lines to Concentric but they won't be concentric to the center of the medallion but rather they will be concentric to the shape of the walls.  Switch to concentric and you will see what I mean.
    • You could try upping the wall count to a high number and see how it looks.  You can also play with Extra Skin Wall Count and see if it helps.  Areas of infill would have "Wall Count" number of walls and areas of skin would have "Wall Count + Extra Skin Wall Count" number of walls.
    • Another idea is to change the Top/Bottom line directions.  It looks like you have the default [45,135] which is displayed as empty brackets ( [] ).  If you were to change that to [0] then all the top skins would print in the same direction.  Right now it looks like a couple of layers visible tops are at 45° and others are at 135°.  As an aside - If I have to rotate a model 45° in Cura for some reason, I usually change the skin line directions to [0,90] so they don't run parallel to the walls.  With all the tops running in the same direction you might do some good by enabling Ironing.

    He doesn't come to this part of the forum much, but if you go to the "What have you made" forum and look for a user that goes by Cloakfiend you will see what he has accomplished with plating of 3D prints.

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    Posted · inner wall

    Greg , thanks AGAIN for your help , i have tried everything and still getting the inner walls showing through ,

    these are actually printing in the circular patter as showing,

    I have looked and followed your advice but i must be missing something

    if you ghave time can you take a look , it might be the model

    thank you


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    Posted (edited) · inner wall

    I used your settings and then turned on Adaptive Layers.  I thought it looked better.


    One problem is the model.  The outside ring around "Army Catering Corps" is 3.13mm tall on the left and 2.65mm tall on the right.  It's not quite as bad top to bottom, but the difference from left to right is about 3 layers.


    Because that top face is on an angle compared to the bottom surface it will be tough to get it to slice nice.  Angled surfaces means there will be steps.  Looking at the Cura preview with adaptive layers turned on gave me the clue to look further.  There are circles but they aren't centered on the medal.

    You can make small angle adjustments using Microsoft 3D Builder and I think that's what it needs.  Rotate the part a little bit to make the top of that outside ring square to the world, and then when you bring it into Cura sink it into the build plate .5mm or something to get rid of the angle that you now have on the bottom of the piece.


    I also used MS 3D Builder to repair the model.  There may have been a couple of small defects but it wasn't much.  The repaired file is 1mb larger though.  The triangles that make up that file are very small.  That gives it a nice finish but makes for large file size.  Maybe simplifying the model would help as well.  There is software that can do that.  Maybe @gr5 can suggest something.


    I hope that's clear (probably like mud) but even if it isn't - Happy Thanksgiving from sunny Florida.


    Here.  I played some more.  It takes a while to slice.



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