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Replacement Board

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i bought a cheap prelacement pcb 1.5.7 board on ebay


and managed to make everything work (some plugs were wrong, to many resistors in the wrong places etc.) but one problem is still bugging me :

i allways get only half of the z height / layer height.

The ulticontroller is telling me that the zsteps/mm are 533.33 so this looks correct.

I manually doubled this value on my ulticontroller and in the testprint that is being printed right now everything looks ok.

But what could be the reason for this strange behavior ?

i am using cura 13.12 und i uploaded the latest firmware, i also replaced the arduino (do i need additional firmware on the arduino or is the cura update enough ?)

thanks for your time

p.s.: i just wanted to add that i ordered a new board from the official ultimaker store in the meantime because cutting corners didnt really pay of ...


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thanks for the reply, i just read the exact same post but unfortunately i have allready disconnected the jumper.

changing the zsteps to the double value with the ulticontroller did the trick so far, its the exact same size as in cura.

so i will leave it at that, i am just curious what it could be...


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Is it exactly half? It's very unlikely that the trim pot would cause the problem you see. More likely a short circuit where the circled jumper is. Check those leads carefully for some stray solder maybe.


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yes, i measured very carefully, but i will have a look thanks for the advice

i am in contact with the seller right now, but due to chinese new year the factory is closed until february 7th.

i am really interested what they will have to say :)

the printer is still running smoothly, printed for 8hours plus since yesterday and experienced no problems.

i will post the results, if this problem should get resolved this board could be a cheap backup option (i would like to stock up on spare parts, but the original board is quite expensive and broke after one year of frequent use, this was the worst trouble i ever had with my UM1)


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