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Ultimaker Original: change filament / start print videos


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Posted · Ultimaker Original: change filament / start print videos


We made a couple of simple videos showing how to change filament and how to start a print with the Ultimaker Original. This was for the members of Stockholm Makerspace to which we have loaned one of our printers.

Very basic, but might be useful for new users who have never seen the procedures before :)

http://mkrspc.se/26 change filament

http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fmkrspc.se%2F27&h=bAQE5PTOu&enc=AZMXxLjupEsFOrXdvL-kYYSx2qybtJSwA3CJmb_7AalvVNwNFHgYIZU3XEzuW4QJSk9zHEYSWkiHos5KPRsKBbIGSzIKP3tQyyQG-je38shIIfWYxacHJIWPHSv--60jHpcl3kqcD2zu51LsXi2_GR8G&s=1 starting a print



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    Posted · Ultimaker Original: change filament / start print videos

    Thanks Ian.

    Not yet for the UM2 but we have it planned....and as the UM2 is more finished than the UM1 so will the videos be ;)

    I'd like to ask the good people here on the forums what the "top 5" or "top 10" videos would be....it terms of helping new users start printing properly and to help troubleshoot problems.

    (Reason also being that it takes a lot of time to do these videos in a nice way with different angles and good video and audio)

    I'll start with some suggestions....each video would be perhaps be 15 seconds up to a couple of minutes I would guess.

    * When unboxing, how to mount the build plate (as it is delivered separately)

    * How do to your first leveling of the platform

    * How to load / change material

    * How to start a print

    * How to properly fix the "misaligned rod(s) after transport" problem (hopefully also with a torque recommendation)

    * How to fix the "loosening LED strips" problem (with a glue gun)

    * How to fix "squeky noise" due to rods not being parallel/perpendicular /rubber band rubbing against housing

    * Checking your three fans and how to troubleshoot them if one is not working (reverse polarity test etc)

    * How to clean a simple hot end block (using an epidermic needle, syringe or strands of steel brush)

    * How to clean the hot end thoroughly (possibly complete disassembly), using the "90C pull trick", cotton stick/wood stick etc

    * How to make a test of the extrusion capabilities of your setup (perhaps using Illuminartis excellent calibration cylinder)

    ...the list goes on, please help me!

    also, if any of you feel that you have a good detailed routine for the above or other useful prodecures, please detail it in a reply to this thread! It might just end up in a video :)



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