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X axis weird sound


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Posted · X axis weird sound


The first time I assembled the UM I have a weird sound when I was moving the head by hand (it was still in assemble state). Some how I fixed it but with not really knowing what I did that made it stop.

Now after a week it started doing it again. It prints fine but I only went up to 80mm/s so I don't know if that sound will affect the printing quality in higher speeds.

Here is the end of the bed alignment were you can hear the sound when it moves on the X axis.

X axis noiselinear bearing rotationMG 2753 SmlMG 2754 SmlMG 2757 Sml


So does anyone know what it is?


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    Posted · X axis weird sound

    I'd start by checking if the belts it sliding blocks are rubbing on something when moving in x. Also look at the bearing I the head assembly - is it sliding smoothly on the cross rod, or is it twisted out of straight so that it skips in short jerks as the friction is overcome and then binds again?

    Also check that the motor and short belt are ok, and not catching on anything. The end caps over the the rods need to not be too right, so the rods are free to rotate.

    Probably easiest to check it with the power off - sliding the head by pressing both sliding blocks for the x axis with fingers. They should slide easily with fingertip pressure.

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    Posted · X axis weird sound

    Hi illuminarti,

    With the power off I can move them "easily" (I don't exactly know was is easy) but they still make this sound.

    For sure it's not the end caps since I have a washer between the cap and the case.

    But how exactly check if it's twisted, if it is, is so little that I can't see it with my eyes.

    Could it be a very small misalignment between the pulleys of the same belt and the belt teeth jumps off the pulley?


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    Posted · X axis weird sound

    linear bearing rotation


    After 3 hours of taking almost everything apart and putting it back together with no luck I stumble upon this..

    It only happens in the X axis bearing.


    Can I fix it some how or I should contact support to send me a new one?


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    Posted · X axis weird sound

    I also have this problem - noise just like that during the X-axis moves.

    I'm also seeing two other symptoms:

    - The thick fore-and-aft rod along the right side shows signs of wear - when I wipe it before lubricating, I get black stuff in the oil, which doesn't show up on the other rods. It is plainly wearing more rapidly than the others.

    - Considerable belt-wear dust on top of the X- and Y-motors. This has been visible since the machine was new.

    Any ideas on what might be misaligned and how to correct it?


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    Posted · X axis weird sound

    onsiderable belt-wear dust on top of the X- and Y-motors.


    Could you update what machine you use on your settings please? I dont' want to have to always go search for it.

    Usually belt wear is when it rubs against something and usually that is the wall. Sliding the pulley .1mm closer to the motor might help or adding washers.

    Or the long belts might not be lined up with the rods such that the belts rub against the pulley rims. This also tends to make a ticking sound. It's easy to fix - just loosen the pulleys and push the head around and tighten the pulley that the head is closest to (push it back and forth along the rod until it's happiest).


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