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Addons / Spare parts for Ultimaker 2

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Hello Ultimaker Team,

now i'm having my Ultimaker 2 over 3 months and I must say, that's a really nice machine. Got some really good prints, also some bad ones but overall, i'm really satisfied with the UM2.

But as you can read/hear everyday in the internet/newspapers the 3d industry is growing fast. Other brands releasing new printers fast and there are a lot of options on the market.

I hope that you have overbear the first run on the UM2. But now i think its time to give some informations on adons and spare parts.

Some examples:

- Spare nozzle's in different diameters (0.1 / 0.2 / 0.3 /0.4 / 0.8 / 1...)

- Second extruder or possible more in plan?

- Support material with easy remove, which don't destroy the whole print

- general spare parts

- Wifi and other great things

Also i think, without this forum many people had thrown their UM2's out of the window. Many problems, but a official statement from Ultimaker was always missing. For example the underextrusion problem on 50% of the machines.

Please don't understand this wrong, as i said, it's a great printer, but now i think it's really time to go on and share you're progress and timelines :) So that all the users have a vision when what will be released or planed to be released.

You have a great community here, with lots of brilliant guys, which are inverst a lot of time to help other users and also give u input on many different things.

I really apriciate this. Thanks for that :)




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- Spare nozzles: The nozzle and heater block is a single part on the UM2. I don't know if they will sell versions with bigger/smaller exit holes.

- Dualextrusion: It's being worked on but they're having some issues.

- Support material: I've seen it mentioned by daid that they're working on something but I have no details or if it will even be released.

- I'm sure support will gladly help you with spare parts should you need it. And I'm sure parts will show up in the shop once things calm down a bit.


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No one - I don't think even ultimaker - has figured out if there is an underextrusion problem - how extensive it is (is it 10% of the machines or 70%?) and how big a deal it is. I'm starting to think it's a big deal for a few people but no one has even narrowed it down to definitely the nozzle or definitely the extruder or whatever. Maybe some stepper motors are weaker. I know Ultimaker is paying attention but we might have to figure this out ourselves but I can't help much as my machine is fine.


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