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Ultimaker 3 not calibrated?

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Posted · Ultimaker 3 not calibrated?
On 5/20/2022 at 8:46 PM, gr5 said:

It could be the brand of PLA.  Do you have Nylon?  PVA and Nylon work quite well together.  I'm not 100% certain but I think they will stick much better.  Maybe too well?


It's RS Pro. It's supposed to be good. I don't have many 2.85mm filaments. 


On 5/20/2022 at 8:46 PM, gr5 said:

You could design your own wipe tower.  Disable the tower and put in two rectangular towers.  I recommend they be 1/5th as wide as tall (which means they would be big) but they can be cone shaped which will maintain the "current layer is 1/5th as wide as from here to the bottom of the print" rule.


If you *do* do your own wipe tower you need to make damn sure it prints the towers first after a layer change.  From my experience you do this by dragging the towers into your project before the main part.  You can assign each tower to a different filament by right clicking and assigning the appropriate core.  the towers don't need infill.


On it.


On 5/20/2022 at 8:46 PM, gr5 said:

Oh and 40C is plenty hot for the first layer.  If you are trying to experiment with cooler air 40C is fine and then turn bed down more after first layer.



Also going to try this.


On 5/20/2022 at 8:53 PM, gr5 said:

I would add a cylinder at each end of the straw (add to the cad file) to sit flat on the bed.  Like a penny on the end of this straw shown and another on the other end.  Then when it's printing the PVA on top of the PLA support it will make long long runs down the length of the PLA trough.  Held securely to the print bed at each end of the straw.  That way the PVA doesn't need to stick at all to the PLA.  It just needs to rest on top.



I didn't understand where to place and which material should be the cylinder. Can you please make a doodle?



But in the mean time, can you give me a hand with slice? 

-Why is the right side of the support higher than the left one? (first pic)

-How do I create a support structure a bit higher on the "straw" parts to provide more support?

-How do I remove the support from inside the tube?


The eraser box is there, but it doesn't remove everything from the inside. 

Also, if I decrease the overhang angle to 0º, it fills the inside of the tube even more, overriding the eraser box.


Gonna add the file, might help.


I'm being a pain in the ass to you, I'm sorry

diff height.PNG



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    Posted · Ultimaker 3 not calibrated?

    Attached is a cylinder.  You can click on the scale tool, uncheck "uniform scaling" and in the left 3 boxes set the height to 0.3mm.  Position it as shown below.  You will have to cut it off later so make the "straw" several mm longer than needed to accommodate when you cut the end off.  Before you do any of that, under menu preferences/config cura make sure it is unchecked: "Ensure models are kept apart".


    You only need to do this if you are worried that the ends of the straw will pull up off the print bed and come loose.  You could try without these at first.





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    Posted · Ultimaker 3 not calibrated?

    I would set support to "touching build plate" only (as opposed to "everywhere") and that will avoid any support inside the "straw".


    You only need support up to 45 degrees.  You can set support overhang angle to 45 or play with that and you'll instantly see the red areas on the outside of the straw/cylinder change before you even hit the slice button.


    I would try it like this but also consider setting cura preferences to uncheck "automatically drop models to the build plate" and set the z value for the "straw" up a bit at 1mm.  What I mean is click on the straw, choose the move tool on the left side and type 1mm in the Z box.  This raises the straw up so it is supported more consistently over the PLA.  This probably isn't necessary.  Also make sure you are at 0.1mm layers as now you care much more about layer accuracy than when the straw was vertical.  Well unless it doesn't have to be all that round and can be like a decagon.

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