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Printing walls as thick as nozzle size/ line width


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Posted (edited) · Printing walls as thick as nozzle size/ line width

Hi everybody,


I have been doing some research on how to print single-line-walls and saw that other people are struggling with this also, but I could not find any satisfying solution to this issue. This is why I made this post to clearly describe the problem I am having.


The issue sounds simple but seems to be impossible for Cura to solve. I want to print walls with the width of a single line. The object I am using is attached below and is a hollow cube, open on top (a box basically). This means I have a bottom part, in which I chose to use 1 wall and the rest is done using infill (no bottom/top settings were used). After that, I want to build a wall around the circumference. This wall is designed to be 1mm and the nozzle orifice is 1mm as well. Sounds simple, just extrude one time around, but Cura cannot figure that out.




Here is what I tried, and the results it yielded:

  • If Print Thin Walls is not activated, then only the bottom part is sliced, the walls are ignored. Not an option.
  • If Print Thin Walls is activated,  then the whole structure is sliced but the wall part geometry is all messed up (no wall options are used) with weird overlapping corners and some walls are being printed with two lines for no reason at all. See pic on below left.
  • If I make the Wall Line Width slightly smaller than 1mm, nothing changes. If I make it drastically smaller, like 0.85mm, then walls are being sliced as intended. BUT the walls are being printed with two lines and end up much thicker than designed. In my case the wall width was around 1.5mm instead of the desired 1mm. The pic below shows that a wall (red line) already had been produced but the nozzle would make an other round nonetheless before a layer change occurs. See pic below right.
  • Increasing the wall width of the CAD model did not result in a better result either.
  • Changing the settings to a lower nozzle orifice like 0.8mm, and line width, does not solve this issue either.
  • Reducing wall flow does not help either.




It is irritating that on the bottom/infill part a wall is being produced with a width of 1mm, hence in combination with other lines it works. But if only 1 wall shall be produced it bugs out. More concretely, it is not possible to make 1 wall with 1 line and 1 print motion followed by a layer change, even though the nozzle orifice is the same as the wall thickness.

If you know how to fix this issue, please let me know.

Thank You. 

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