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Problems with multiple prints (Cura 5, non beta) on Anycubic C


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Posted · Problems with multiple prints (Cura 5, non beta) on Anycubic C

I have this 'Anycubic C' printer, which is very close to 'Anycubic Chiron' same size, same bed/extruder setup.


When I print a model, when it finishes the bed advances forward to allow me to pull it off, which is a nice feature (previous slicers returned to home, which is with the tray towards the back).  

But after printing, if I reload a model and just print again sometimes strange behaviours happen.


1) Instead of printing the support outline smoothly and quickly, it will print a section, and stutter, updating its position very slowly one tick at a time.  I one time aborted the print, cleaned the table, and just printed again and it worked.  Many times I just go through reconnecting the USB (which after initially connecting, if the connection is broken Cura does not reconnect; so I have to restart the program too.  This always works to reset everything. 

2) Sometimes, after a print, and doing another print, the homing command cycles the Z axis several times; I had already had problems, so I was ready to stop it, and after 3 resets, aborted the print and printed again; this one went through and finished OK.


I can't get any custom filament temperature settings to work; the machine came with a default of 190 with its own filament, and I notice that at 190 it doesn't leak out as much - there's a print I have with a bunch of posts, and returning a long path after doing a bunch of skips is long enough that the plastic drips and becomes a leading thread into the first post in the sequence.... I would REALLY like to adjust the temperature; maybe it registers 10 degrees cooler than it should be *shrug*.


I do appreciate the new feature (which was in 3 too I guess) of filament and machine ( I was using a version 15 distributed with the printer, which is confusing since 15 is so much higher than 3 or 5 🙂 )

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