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Measuring temperature during printing

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Posted · Measuring temperature during printing



After having elucidated many things, I came to the conclusion that I had one concern temperature during printing.


As described in another topic that is no longer valid, the temperature taking too long to be stabilized and occurs in after the start of printing.


This that has been resolved:

1 / The system for driving the filament. I change the spring and I find one that fits perfectly. There is a little shredding at the beginning of printing and this is definitely the problem of temperature.


2 / clogged nozzles. Again, if the temperature measurement was correct, the temperture of the nozzle would have remained constant and there would have been no cap. Now the filament flows well when printing started and the temperture stabilized.


3 / electrical outlet temperature sensor hotend was too loose. One of connection (white wire) was in touch by intermitance! I change the connector ... Now the room temperture is caught and fixed. If it is 20 ° C in the work area, the nozzle is 19 ° C ... There are currently more jumps in temperature.



I conducted the following test:

- Put the nozzle at 95 ° C and place a drop of water. The drop of water has struggling to evaporated.

- Put the nozzle at 105 ° C and place a drop of water. The drop of water evaporates quickly.


My current problem seems to be around a few points. It's suggestions and avenues to explore.

1 / The temperature seems wrong captured (electronic sampling?)

2 / heater nozzle is HS (Possible because at some point the temperature sensor not worked).

3 / Marlin is unable to set the temperature (either by precision error, or for reasons of sampling).

4 / The electronic control of the heating resistor of the nozzle was destroyed. (Possible but hotend heaters when it does not print ...)

5 / The power is not supplied sufficient current.


I invite you to watch a short video of an impression that I took with. Departing from the impression I encountered the new concern.




If everything is back in order so I can started printing. If this is not good, what does it take change?


My ticket stays open with Marrit and I advance slowly in my troubleshooting.


Thank you very much for your help and feedback.


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