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Moving Object: G Code


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Posted · Moving Object: G Code

Good Morning Everyone,

A simple question I hope:  How do I move an object that is already compliled in a gCode file?  The warning says "Print Setup Disabled".

I'm not able to locate a menu that allows me to enable this feature.  Google, YouTube, and Forums have not been my friend today.

Thanks in advance for the help! 


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    Posted · Moving Object: G Code

    Thank you, that is a great start.  After 15 minutes of searching,  I found some sites to 

    explain a bit more.

    It seems I'm able to make changes, but not move the entire object on the stage.  I've

    tried placing the code in different locatoins throughout the file without any luck
    (start, middle, combinations, etc.)

    This is how I'm entering it:
    G90 X14.105 Y15.274 Z0.2   (from X20, Y40)
    G92 X14.105 Y15.274 Z0.2

    The image shows some minor changes.  It's as though I'd have to change every line

    with my approach.  I'll keep reading, but if someone can give a hint as to where to

    place the co-ordinates, that would be cool too!

    ETA: I'm going to try a negative sign in frontof the values.


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    Posted (edited) · Moving Object: G Code

    If you move your Home Offset (M206) you can move the gcode on the build plate.  The Cura preview will not understand M206 so the preview will still look like your images.

    That looks like you need to move the gcode about  (-15)mm in the X.

    Auto-Home your printer.  The LCD will display the X Y Z and those are your Home Offset numbers.


    For an example lets say the LCD displays   X-3   Y-4   Z0.  Note your X value.

    Add 15 to the X value.  For this example it would be:   -3 + 15 = 12

    Open the Gcode file in a text editor.

    Go to the line ";LAYER:0"

    Right above that line add

    M206 X12

    Then go all the way to the very end of the gcode and the line that says ";TIME ELAPSED:xxxx.yyyy"

    Right below that line add:

    M206 X-3

    That will reset your Home Offset the way it was.  (Use your numbers and not the example numbers.)

    You need to make the first change after your startup gcode, but before the print actually starts.

    You need to do the reset after the print ends but before your End gcode runs.


    The Home Offset numbers look like they work backwards because they do.  The Home Offset location actually becomes 0,0,0 on the build plate and the Auto-Home position is measured from the Home Offset position.  If you wanted to move the gcode to the center of your build plate in the Y you would subtract the amount you want to move it from the Y home offset.

    So if you want to move a gcode in a negative direction you add the distance you want to move.  If you want to move a gcode in a positive direction you subtract the amount.  Just more fun with 3D printing.



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    Posted · Moving Object: G Code

    👍 Yes, M206 is maybe the better option here if you want to do it manually for one model.


    For my use cases Pronterface will suit better as I can freely move, rotate and group gcode models on a plane by mouse via drag&drop and mouse wheel. Very convenient if I want to build groups of models and groups of groups where each model is optimized for best print results and I want to maximize print volume usage for big printers and complex models in one print.

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