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Mainboard exchange on UM3


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Posted · Mainboard exchange on UM3


Yesterday I bought a used Ultimaker 3 extended. As the seller wanted to show me the Printer, he accidently but in the power upside down. The Mainboard was damaged. Anyhow I bought the printer (for a reduced price) 

Some parts near the power switch burned. At least the Q4 = its4200s-me-n an some other parts - Multifuse F1.  Maybe also Q5 


As it look changing the board will be the fastest way. If I buy an Board (about € 250),  I read, that I have  to install the firmware and do some settings.


=> Where can I find the files and the description what to do?

=> Does a company sell a preconfigured MB? (can I order from Ultimaker or an UM-reseller) 

=> What I have to take care?


=> Any chance to repair the board? The parts may cost € 10
And  yes, I have the electronic double zero = license to drill (In Deutsch: Die Lizenz zum Löten) 





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    Posted · Mainboard exchange on UM3

    I would replace the board even if one could replace the electronic components since the burned surface might have become conductive and would still be a safety hazard.

    Ultimaker resellers should be able to get you a new board. You find all official resellers at ultimaker.com/resellers.

    As a side note, it really needs quite some force to connect the power plug the other way round.

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    Posted · Mainboard exchange on UM3
    2 hours ago, Dim3nsioneer said:

    As a side note, it really needs quite some force to connect the power plug the other way round.


    In addition to that, my one contribution to the hardware design of any Ultimaker 3d printer was the straight edge on the cutout for the power connector to match the flat face of the power connector. I feel defeated...


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    Posted · Mainboard exchange on UM3

    Wow, reversing the power connector is a very rare error. As mentioned, this requires more than normal force.


    I suggest replacing the main board as a whole bunch of components got a hard punch. Search for Ultimaker part number #1548 or #2296, the latter is the latest version, but both will work.  Costs around €210


    Before investing any money, check that the olimex board is still functional. Just to make sure you don't open a money pit. You can check by:

    - remove the flat cable to the UltiMain board

    - Connect a monitor to the HDMI connector
    - Apply 5V DC to the Olimex. i think your revision still has the 5V power jack connector. (black unused connector)

    - You should see Linux boot messages


    Description for replacing the UltiMain board: https://fbrc8.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005017923-Electronics-Board-UM3-UM3X-

    Firmware installation should not be necessary. The Olimex board contains all firmware and will program the UltiController board when required.


    When you have more time than money, then you could do some experiments with the Ultimain board.
    First: disconnect the flatcable to the Olimex board, to prevent more damage !

    It sounds like you have a UM3 from the first production year, in a later revision several unused functions were removed for cost reduction. This includes the mentioned Q4, Q5 and the F1 multifuse. Remove these components as you say they look fried and now might cause a short circuit. 

    Other obsoleted components are: U2, U3, U4, U7 

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