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why is there still "Print thin walls" in Cura 5?


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Posted · why is there still "Print thin walls" in Cura 5?

Hi. The title is already my question.

To my understanding the "print thin walls" option was made obsolete by the Arachne engine.  But Cura 5 still has that option.

How come?


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    Posted · why is there still "Print thin walls" in Cura 5?

    Is my question so dumb, or so tricky?

    To my understanding the new slicing algorithm and the fact that it can vary line widths is THE most significant improvement in Cura 5. So the existence of the "print thin walls" option is quite confusing. Would it disable Arachne and switch back to the old engine?

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    Posted · why is there still "Print thin walls" in Cura 5?

    I am just guessing, but I think that Arachne slicing algorithm doesn't work when you just have a very thin single wall. So, for example, you have a thin wall of 0.2 and a 0.4 nozzle (line width) then the option print thin wall will bring the slicer to slice this part.


    The Arachne algorithm would adjust the inner wall in case your wall thickness is not a multiple of your live width, to get a smooth extrusion. 

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    Posted · why is there still "Print thin walls" in Cura 5?

    As I understand the print thin walls is not obsolate. There are some hidden configs attached to it what can make it usefull. 

    • Minimum feature size: this is the margin where the slicer decide to even bother with that part of the model. Higher you go, the more detail will disappear. Lower you go the more of the details will be affected by the next parameter. Going to 0 means all the sharp edges will be printed end to end no matter what. This has the worse tolerance, but at least it will be printed so the detail visually appeals. (for figures a thick printed leaf or cape is better than "thin air").
    • Minimum thin wall line width: If the slicer found the relevant features based on the setting above its going to slice those with this line width. It depends on your printer what is the minimum it can print.

    And yet it is not working for me, and this is how I found this thread. I want to print a model what has spikes on the back. It does not matter how thick it is but I care about the shape. I did the settings as description suggested. No luck... see the picture. There must be some other limiting factor.


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    Posted · why is there still "Print thin walls" in Cura 5?

    Hey @prof080,


    Welcome to the Ultimaker Community 🎉

    This reminds me of a similar issue that we have on the Cura Github. 


    There are a number of settings you can change to improve this. 
    Can you try changing these settings? 

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