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Help to print with 1.75mm on an Ultimaker 3 Extended

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Posted · Help to print with 1.75mm on an Ultimaker 3 Extended

Good day everyone.

As the tittle says i want to print on a ultimaker 3 with 1.75mm but the printer is designed for 2.85mm.

The reason for using 1.75mm is because it was a donation and its alot , like alooooooooooot of filament and its imposible to return or change.


I tried just printing with some settings changed but it doesn´t print well , it ends up breaking apart easily.


can somebody help me with what to do/buy to make it work?

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    Posted · Help to print with 1.75mm on an Ultimaker 3 Extended

    You can do it.  It's quite possible.  But first - don't do it. lol.  I mean even if it's 10 spools I don't think I would do it.  I would donate the filament.  I suppose if it's 100 spools.


    So 3dsolex.com has a solution.  Any cores you order them can be in 1.75mm filament.  I would have a conversation with sales@3dsolex.com as you really don't want them to ship the wrong core and it's rare that people order 1.75 cores.  You have to get the core and also at least one nozzle and also the bowden.


    The bowden is actually 2 bowdens inside each other.  I describe how that works pretty well here:



    The inner bowden goes all the way down inside your core.  So you can't insert or remove your core while the 1.75mm bowden is connected.


    Also you will have issues with the software.

    Cura makes it difficult to choose 1.75mm filament.  The last time I tried it I kind of gave up and ended up setting the flow to whatever (2.85/1.75)^2 is as a percent.  But somewhere I think I have notes of how to get cura to allow 1.75 on a UM3.  I think you have to modify the machine settings and also create a new filament that is 1.75 pla.  Something like that. 


    So you can either modify the flow (a hack) or you can mess with material and printer settings which will probably get lost every time you upgrade cura.


    Instead maybe buy a cheap 3d printer as a second printer to use up all that 1.75mm filament?


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    Posted · Help to print with 1.75mm on an Ultimaker 3 Extended

    Sorry for posting in an old submission but does anynody have a link to the STL for the plug?


    Also thanks @gr5 for the very good writeup

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