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Help me make top flat please


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Posted · Help me make top flat please

That's how the model is made.  You need to shorten the model so the angled top doesn't print.

If the bottom is flat and if you can print the part upside down then:

  • Flip the model over.
  • Select "Preferences / Configure Cura" and deselect the "Automatically drop models to the build plate" option.
  • Set the Z location of the model to negative 1.0 or whatever is required so that the first layer is that low area in the middle of the model.  The rest of the model will be below the build plate and will be ignored.


If the bottom isn't flat or if you can't print it upside down then it's a bit more work.

  • Bring in a support blocker.
  • Scale it in the X and Y so it is bigger than the model and then move it so the entire model is within the support blocker.  Scale the Z to about 3mm
  • In Cura set your Initial Layer Height and your Layer Height to 0.1mm.  Slice the model.
  • In the Cura preview, find out what layer coincides with that lowest point in the middle of the part.  Multiply the layer number by the layer height of 0.1.
  • Set the Z of your support blocker to that calculated number and then set your layer heights back to what you want for actual printing.
  • Click on the support blocker and select the Per Model tool that is right above the support blocker tool.
  • Select "Modify Settings for Overlaps" and then select "Cutting Mesh".
  • The Per Model settings and values will be:  Wall Count = 0, Top Layers = 0, Bottom Layers = 0, Infill Density = 0%.
  • Slice the model again.  Those raised areas should be ignored because of the support blocker which is now a "Modifier Mesh".



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Posted · Help me make top flat please

Those are great tips @GregValiant 😍

I would also go for the mesh modifier! 


A more quick and dirty solution would be to plan a Pause at height!
If you know where you want it to stop you can add a pause and just abort the print at the layerheight you want. 


Good luck. Let us know if it works for you! 😄

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