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Filament not priming when printing with both extruders


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Posted · Filament not priming when printing with both extruders



I started a print for PLA and PVA using both extruders on the S5 Pro Bundle. 

In the first run, the PLA started priming and after a while the print started, although the PVA hadn't been primed. The PVA filament tip was visibly sitting somewhere in the middle of the bowden tube so no extrusion took place.


I canceled the print and got an error stating that the PVA extruder head was probably clogged (or some similar message) and the system suggested me to clean the print head. I started the wizard, but for some reason it quit again.


I then unloaded the PVA filament, reloaded it and restarted the print. 


This time, the PVA was primed, but the PLA didn't prime anymore (I assume because it had just primed a few minutes earlier). While printing, the PVA was extruded fine, but the PLA wasn't (possibly because the lack of priming?).


I included the 3mf file and log files.


Any ideas / suggestions?

UMS5_beta-cd.3mf logs-ultimakersystem-0030d62aa149-7.1.0-20220829144731.zip logs-ultimakersystem-0030d62aa149-7.1.0-20220829151940.zip

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    Posted · Filament not priming when printing with both extruders

    I don't have the pro bundle so I usually just lift the lever on the feeder and slide in the filament until it is in the print core.


    Since you have the pro bundle, I would go to the middle menu and then click at the top left and right corners - on the PVA filament button and then in the corner click the "..." and choose "MOVE" and move the filament until it is deep into the print core.  Repeat for the top right button (PVA) and choose MOVE and move the filament into the print core.  If you want to see if things are clogged you can wait for it to heat up and move some more to make sure it comes out the nozzles.  Don't leave the PVA at printing temperature for more than the minimum to test that it extrudes at baking PVA for many minutes will caramelize it into a minor clog.


    Once you get this working and have had a successful print with no aborts you shouldn't have to worry about any of this.  Potentially you shouldn't have to worry about these things for days/weeks/months/years.  But sometimes as you saw and especially after unusual circumstances (like an aborted print) the filaments end up in the wrong place.


    Also make sure you have the latest firmware.  Older versions of the firmware had a bug that is similar to what you describe but I think that was all fixed around a year ago.


    But again - once you see the filament well above the cores, maybe do MOVE.


    I mean the firmware is supposed to keep track of where left and right filaments left off but it seems sometimes it loses track.

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    Posted · Filament not priming when printing with both extruders

    Thanks. It does indeed seem that the firmware lost track (I'm on 7.1.0 btw)


     I unloaded all filaments, cleaned the print cores, restarted the system and reloaded the filaments and then it went fine. 

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