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No Extrusion When Using Cura


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Posted · No Extrusion When Using Cura

Hello, I was attempting to slice files today on Cura when I noticed that it would not extrude any filament. My old files from Cura still extrude just fine, but no matter what file I try to slice today nothing seems to extrude. I do not believe I have changed any settings that could have made this happen. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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    Posted · No Extrusion When Using Cura

    That gcode starts out by heating the bed and hot end.  Once they are up to temperature your StartUp Gcode runs and as it is standard Ender 3 it has purge lines that go up and down the left side of the build surface.  Cura does no calculations there.

    After the purge lines are complete the print starts and all the gcode lines at the beginning of LAYER:0 are correct and include extrusion commands.

    G1 F1200 E0
    G3 X63.389 Y19.373 I11.172 J0.948 E0.62552 F1500
    G3 X67.278 Y18.488 I4.790 J12.063 E0.81477
    G2 X83.647 Y15.707 I-6.751 J-89.300 E1.60083

    Because you have the Arc Welder post processor active it is cnverting regular G1 and G0 moves into the G2 and G3 lines.  It is possible that the lines are being ignored if your firmware doesn't support G2 and G3 commands.  The way Creality plays fast and loose with the stock firmware that is entirely possible.

    Anyway, the gcode looks fine and would print (does print) on my E3Pro.


    This is the start that gcode file.  It's fine if the printer understands G2 and G3.


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    Posted · No Extrusion When Using Cura

    Yes you are correct, it was arc welder that was messing the prints up. I am not sure why it does not work now but I will leave it disabled. Thank you very much for your time! I would have never figured that out on my own!

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    Posted · No Extrusion When Using Cura

    When Creality started shipping the 4.2.2 and 4.2.7 boards they also went from the regular LCD display to the TFT style display.  The display has it's own firmware and the Creality mainboard firmware didn't play nice with the display firmware.  M0, M1, M117, M600 and some other commands that send messages to the screen no longer worked.  That wasn't intentional but did make for a lot of confusion.  Dropping the G2 and G3 commands was intentional.

    I have a 4.2.7 board sitting here that I've never installed because I would want to change the firmware on it.  So far I've been too lazy to do it and my 1.1.5 mainboard runs fine, the M0 command for pausing is enabled, and G2 and G3 work.  Right now I have no real need to make the change.

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