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Why are my changes not shown?


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Posted · Why are my changes not shown?



I have selected one of my custom profiles.


I have then changed the temperature, and to show that something has changed, the star becomes enabled:




I want to save the changes, so I click the star.

The first thing that surprises me:

Cura knows which profile I am currently using / editing, but it is not selected.

I have to select it manually:




Now when I do that, it does not show my temperature change:



I click "Update profile", but it is still not shown in the Profile.


What am I doing wrong?


Thank you!




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    Posted · Why are my changes not shown?

    The star takes you to the dialog.  Instead of clicking on the star - click on the profile name.  That will bring up the drop down box and at the bottom are three tools.  One of them is "Update Profile with Current Settings/Overrides".


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    Posted (edited) · Why are my changes not shown?

    I don't know how they wrote the code but I think it should show the defaults and NOT the changes you made in the main settings boxes.  The profile should remain unchanged until you ask for it to be updated.  The changes are shown in the "Current" column and when you "Update Profile" those overwrite the previous settings and become the new defaults.


    No matter what changes you make in the main settings - if you re-select your profile all the defaults will show up again.  I use that to reset the Cura settings before I slice a new model.  It sets everything back to square one and I can start making changes specific to the model I'm going to slice.  

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    Posted · Why are my changes not shown?

    Every model gets it's own love.  You need to stare at any model for a bit to figure out what the best setting configuration will be.  Should the model use normal supports or tree supports?  Touching build plate or Everywhere?

    Can I print it at 125mm/sec because there are big flat areas, or do I want to do it at 35mm/sec because there will be lots of islands?  .1 layer height or .3 layer height or something in between?  If there is a big horizontal hole that's going to curl up as it closes then maybe I want z-hops enabled.  Every model is at least a little different.

    Rather than have a lot of profiles (that I can't remember why I made them), I tend to save project files.  If I alter a design I can open the project file of the previous design, throw out the model and bring in the new one.  Then start tweaking.


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    Posted · Why are my changes not shown?

    I am confused about saving changes to a profile. If I make changes to a profile and then switch to another profile, a list pops up showing the changes that have been made to the current profile, and asking if I want to keep the changes or discard them. The explanation is:


    "Would you like keep these changed settings after switching profiles? Alternately, you can discard the changes to load the defaults from ( the profile you are going to ).


    So, what I want to do is save the changes that I made to the profile that I was in, where I made all the changes, then jump to the new profile that I selected from my list. I do not want to change anything in the new profile. I just want to save the changes in the profile in which I made them. But I seem to be given only two choices. Either I can apply the changes to the new profile I am going to, which I really don't want to do, or discard the changes and loose them in the profile I am in, which I don't want to do either. I want to keep the changes I made to the current profile I am was using, and change to a new profile without making any changes to the new profile. 


    In the profile list window there is the option to "update with current settings/overrides" but this is greyed out. I assume that if I did update the profile my changes would be saved to the current profile and I could switch to a new profile without the dreaded "keep/discard" choice. So why is this action greyed out?  All the options in this section ( to create a new profile from the current settings and also to discard changes) are greyed out. 


    This is super irritating because I have to make a number of profiles to print RC airplanes. There are three profiles needed that have to be used for different parts of the plane. I am frustrated because when I change profiles and choose save changes it wrecks the profile I am going to and I have to painfully go through all the profile items and make all the changes for that specific profile again. 


    What is the logic here?  Why would I ever want to carry changes I made to one profile over to another one? I just want to save the changes, as you do in every other program on Earth. The "keep/discard" choice in Cura makes no sense. 

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    Posted · Why are my changes not shown?

    "I am confused about saving changes to a profile." 

    The "I'm confused about Profiles" club has a lot of members (including me).


    "I want to keep the changes I made to the current profile I am was using, and change to a new profile without making any changes to the new profile."

    You only alter the default settings of a profile when you select "Update Profile..." from the bottom of the drop down list that appears when you click on the profile, or when selecting the "Update Profile" button in the Manage Profiles dialog box.

    If you are working with ProfileA and it is set up for Wall Count = 3, and you change that to Wall Count = 5 then you have created an "override" for the setting.

    Then you decide you want ProfileX and so you click on it.  ProfileX was set to Wall Count = 1.  So Cura asks if you want to keep the overridden settings.

    If you select "Yes" then ProfileX will become active but the Wall Count will still be 5.  ProfileX doesn't change, but the overrides stay in place.

    If you select "Discard" then ProfileX will become active with all it's defaults and Wall Count will be back to 1 (there won't be any overrides).


    If you want to save your overrides to a profile then activate the profile and select "Update Profile with Current Settings/Overrides" from the dropdown list (or the button in Manage Profiles dialog).  You have to specifically state that you want a custom profile to be changed.  If you don't, then any "overrides" are temporary and when you re-select the Profile you are going to get the same questions again.


    That probably doesn't help much but it's the best I can do.





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    Posted · Why are my changes not shown?

    My problem with "Discard" is that the changes I made to Profile A will be discarded. So instead of Profile A having a wall count of 5 which I want, it will go back to 3.  If I made 25 changes to Profile A like I have to do for the RC airplane prints, then I would lose all of them if I choose discard. But if I choose save they would all be applied to Profile X, which I don't want. 


    My problem, I think, is that I am trying to make a new profile the wrong way. In the profile drop down there is the option to create a new profile with the current settings/ overrides. This is greyed out. However if I go to the Mange Profiles window, I can duplicate a profile and rename it. I like using the default "Dynamic 0.16" profile as my starting point. So if I duplicate it and name it "Airplane Profile A", and swap into Airplane Profile A, I have the Dynamic 0.16 settings to start with. I notice that the "Update Profile" selection is still greyed out in the Profile drop down. However if I make a change to Airplane Profile A, the update profile selection becomes available. If I make my 25 changes to Airplane Profile A and then update it, I can swap back to another profile without the dreaded "keep/Discard" choice appearing. I just needed to learn a bit better how Cura works.  So now I have to get a large pot of coffee brewing, delete all the profiles I previously made, and start all over with Dynamic 0.16.  Going to be a long night.  Thanks for the response to my post. You are the only one who seems to be a regular responder to all our questions and I think all of us on this forum very  much appreciate your help. Thanks again. 

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    Posted · Why are my changes not shown?

    You cannot alter a built-in profile.  That's why when you have "Dynamic 0.16" active the "Update..." option is greyed out.  Switching to your Custom "Airplane Profile A" allows updating.


    I have 4 profiles.  One each for TPU and PETG and a "Fast PLA" and "Fine PLA".  I treat them like the built-in profiles and they give me a base to start customizing the settings.  Every model starts with one of those four base profiles and then it gets tweaked until I like the preview.  Then I throw it all away and go back to a base for the next model.  That's what works for me.

    Some folks save every configuration they come up with.  That's fine for them but I can't remember what I had for breakfast so having a bazillion profiles would be pretty useless.  This whole 3D printing thing is difficult enough without adding more complexity.

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