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Printing two parts at different speeds?

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Apologies if this is a completely ridiculous idea..or indeed if it can actually already be done.

As a complete novice, I am finding myself trying to print a part...seeing the results, then printing that same part again but at a different speed, so that I can compare the different results and see which speeds work best.

Is there a way, or is it a silly suggestion, to be able to set Cura to print two identical parts at the same time, but one at a different speed to the other?




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Daid says the functionality is there in the slicer but there is no GUI for it yet. Older versions of cura (12.x I think) included a "project planner" which allowed for this sort of thing. I'm sure it's on the to do list.

Maybe it's possible to do with a plugin instead? I've never had the need for plugins so I'm not the right guy for that though.


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I am sure it would be a positive feature, not necessarily for my initial use of testing print speeds... But if you wanted to set a print going that consisted of two or more parts, and you knew from past experience that a part had a better success rate at a certain speed, then you could have the option of printing at varying speeds.

Just a thought.. i`ll leave it you the pro`s to think about it :p I need coffee!


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