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Printer skipping wall layers


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Posted · Printer skipping wall layers

Hi there. I’m new to 3D printing and I’ve ran into this issue. It seems like my printer (Ender 5 Plus) isn’t printing the walls of some layers. The infill seems to be printed, but the walls aren’t being printed, at least I think that’s what’s happening. In the slicer (cura) this should all be one smooth piece.
Would love to know how to fix this issue, thanks very much for the help!! 



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    Posted · Printer skipping wall layers

    Hey @BARGO,


    Welcome to the Ultimaker Community 🚀


    It seems like you have had some under extrusion. 
    This could have a number of causes in your Printer, in your Material or in your Settings.

    Do you perhaps have a a project file for us? It contains the printer and settings we need for troubleshooting. 
    To save a project file go to File -> Save project.


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    Posted · Printer skipping wall layers

    That looks a lot like you have a partial clog where the bowden tube meets the back of the nozzle.  If there is a gap between the bowden and the nozzle, plastic can get pulled up there during retractions and cause intermittent under-extrusion.  It's a popular problem on Creality hot ends (and is why I replaced mine with an all-metal hot end).


    You might try removing the bowden and nozzle from the hot end and pushing a piece of correctly sized wire through a warm hot end (180° and a coat hanger will work) and see if a plug of plastic comes out.  You can trim 5 or 6mm off the bowden tube (nice square cut).  Then put the nozzle back in, snug it up, and back it out 1/4 turn.  Re-insert the bowden and the locking clip and then snug the nozzle up.


    During a print - the bowden tube rotates back and forth within the fitting on top of the hot end.  After some time the little knives in the fitting will work their way further into the bowden and allow it to back out a bit.  That's why bowden tubes are considered "consumable" items as they need to be trimmed every once in a while.  That allows those little knives to bite into fresh plastic.


    Settings like "Limit Support Retractions", "Connect Infill Lines", and "Connect Support Lines" can help lower the number of retractions.  Your retraction distance should be 6.5 or less as long retractions are a contributing factor.



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