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Food Waste as Prototyping Recyclable Material


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Posted (edited) · Food Waste as Prototyping Recyclable Material


I am new here and looking to learn if ultimaker has a recommended printer (filament or extruder) for biomaterial sourced from food waste (such as chitin/shrimp, citrus rinds, mycelia, peels, nanocellulose).

I would like to protoype products with biodegradable and/or recyclable filament or extruder biomaterial, and prefer not to use PLA or its derivatives.



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    Posted · Food Waste as Prototyping Recyclable Material

    This is probably not the answer you want to hear, but *almost all* plastics come from biomaterial. Although some of that is a bit older, maybe a few million years...


    Wood and leaves fall to the ground, get covered under sand, and become coal, which can then be used to make gas and plastics. In the sea, fish and plants die and sink to the bottom, decomposing into a thick smelly goo, called fossile oil. Than is pumped up, refined, and turned into all sorts of fuels and plastics.


    All this carbon that was once alive on the surface of the earth, when the whole planet was green and covered in forest, has gotten stuck under the ground in the form of coal, oil and gas. Thus it is now dead carbon. So, to save the earth, we need to dig up all this dead carbon, burn it so it becomes CO2, which is then food for plants on land, and algae in the sea. Both CO2 and H2O are the most important life gasses on earth, without which there would be no life at all.


    Currently there is a lack of CO2, so plants are now starving from hunger. Optimally, we would need 10x more CO2 (more, not less!!!) for optimal plant growth: then plants would grow 6x to 7x faster, and all current deserts would become green again, just like in prehistory, when there was 10x more CO2 indeed.


    The formula:

    CO2 + H2O + fertilisers + sunlight ---> C-H-O-chains + O2

    In words:

    carbondioxide + water + fertilisers + energy from the sun ---> gives plants, wood, juices + free oxygen


    Wood is stored solar energy. That is why it gives so much heat when burned: the solar energy is then released again. Only plants can convert solar energy into food, and convert CO2 into free oxygen.


    These plants are what we eat, and the oxygen is what we breathe-in. By burning the food in our body, we again release the stored solar energy in our bodies, so we get warm and we can move. We  are living on solar energy, via food.


    In thick forests it is much cooler than on bare rock in the summer: this proves that plants do absorb the solar energy and convert it into wood. Thus more forest = cooling down. And more forest also means more food, more habitat for animals and people. The reason why forest is cooler than bare rock in hot summer, is because almost all the solar energy is captured by the trees, and converted into wood, green, and juices. So that solar energy can no longer heat up the earth, because it is no longer there, it is eaten up by the trees. That is why CO2 is a cooling gas, not a warming gas, contrary to popular belief in brainwashed people that have no clue about science, chemics and biology. They should go to school and study these sciences, and do field experiments, and open their eyes.


    So, to cool down the earth, we need more forest to "eat up" all the solar energy, and to convert it into wood, leaves, and juices. So we need more trees. And to get more trees, we need way more CO2, preferably 10x more.


    The above formula only works when there are enough ingredients to the left of the arrow. Without plenty of water, carbondioxide, fertilisers or sunlight, there is no reaction, and thus no wood, no green, and no free oxygen. Today we are at the absolute lowest level of CO2 that plants can barely live: 0.03%. Below 0.02% most plants will die soon. We are dramatically low today.


    So, to save the earth, to cool down climate, and to make the whole earth green again with plenty of space and food for everyone and every animal, we need to dig up and burn as much fossile fuels as possible, to pump as much CO2 into the air as possible. So we should go drive with big V8-engines that drink fuel like mad.


    This is pure proven science.


    Even drug dealers know this: that is why they add huge amounts of CO2 into their green houses, to get way more drugs. Only some politicians and some unschooled people do not want to know the facts.


    So I see nothing wrong in using plastics: it helps making the earth greener, producing more trees, more food, and more habitat for animals and people, and it helps cooling down the earth. So don't feel bad about it.


    As I said, probably not the answer you were looking for. But it is the proven scientific thruth.


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