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[UMS5] PLA Tough (black) AA 0.8 print temperature : 225°C in CURA, normal ? So much Oozing, really need help !


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Posted (edited) · [UMS5] PLA Tough (black) AA 0.8 print temperature : 225°C in CURA, normal ? So much Oozing, really need help !

Hey there,


I'm using the AA 0.8mm PrintCore and I've seen in CURA that the Print Temperature for PLA Tough is 225°C : isn't it supposed to be in the range of 210-220°C ? I've even seen plenty tier-sources that mention 200-215°C and so on.


Is this 225°C all right ? 'Cause so far i'm reaaaaally struggling having "OK-ish" prints with the AA 0.8mm, also using a BB 0.4mm in accordance for PVA Support.

The AA 0.8 is causing so much oozing, that's crazy, and it actually leads to blobs big enough that when the head goes over it, it shift the position and I have X/Y misalignment, like, about 1mm on the left for instance oO Even using the PrimeTower to purge and wipe the head for both material.


So, apart from temperature, do you have some tips using AA 0.8 with the very very casual PLA Tough, to avoid so much oozing ? Where am I wrong ?


Attached some pictures featuring all the issues encountered, focus on the oozing, blobs, defects in walls and, obviously, the X/Y shift that I think were caused by a massive hit on blobs.

I've also included a 3mf file of the last print.


Thanks in advance !


Edit : UMS5 Firmware was 7.1.0, I've just updated to 7.3.0, maybe that will help (don't see how haha) and CURA is show as 5.0.0

UMS5 was set at 75% speed, as I had a night to let it run and wanted to maximise the chance to get something. I tend to use a bit faster speed settings in CURA cause I find the UMS5 soooo damn slow compared to every other machine I use... 











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    Posted (edited) · [UMS5] PLA Tough (black) AA 0.8 print temperature : 225°C in CURA, normal ? So much Oozing, really need help !

    Hi @Dadkitess,


    the model consist of three different part's, the main construction plus two "sheet" metal boxes floating inside the main construction. It's "impossible" to print this model like this.

    The two sheet (?) metal boxes has to be printed separately, using 0.4 mm core (or maybe better with 0.25 mm).

    Also the main construction (frame) shall be printed separately, but there's some details become a problem for a 0.8 mm



    This model will keep newer versions of Cura "seems" to hang up, but working really.


    If this model is saved in stl format, -then loaded into Cura and you will see the problem.


    Edit: It looks like your support structure (main frame) is not watertight as well, -but it appears that the model can be printed like this on purpose as you're only interested in this as a presentation?


    Using such a large core (0.8 mm) is kind of experimental so print speed, temperature and retraction really need to be tuned. I'll see that you tested the "upper" part of the model as well, but I think the speed have to go down then you will need to reduce the temp. 





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    Added info.
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    Posted (edited) · [UMS5] PLA Tough (black) AA 0.8 print temperature : 225°C in CURA, normal ? So much Oozing, really need help !

    Hey, thanks for the answer, but i'm not sure what you're speaking of. The model is a 1 part STL, nothing is separated in 3 parts and I'm using some Horizontal Expansion so that thin details and thin wall actually print thicker and more sturdely, in addition of merging closes surfaces together. Indeed, it looks weird as is, cause it's the upper part of a previously failed print, 3 day longs, that I did not wanted to waste, so I re-sliced the top part.


    Edit : I see, i've uploaded the "Stockage" print instead of the "Top" one, sorry, indeed the stockage quite looks like 3 separated shell, but it's not, and the generous horizontal expansion makes it for toughness and merging of the geometry.


    I'm also not sure how 0.8mm could be experimental as it's offically delivered by Ultimaker and it's still quite a commun size of print core. Surely it's not as widely used as 0.4mm, but that's not exotic by any way. I've reduced printing speed quite a lot, at about 30 mm/s by now, and still face a lot of trouble. The Coasting parameters is actually doing good, i've let it apart before because not mastering its effect, but looks good.


    But i'm still facing lot of failures, actually NONE of the 5 last prints came to the end, all of them failed at one point, because of PVA Print Core mainly, or random error with any message, and the last one failed with a machine crash, the screen was frozen, so no message. And the AA 0.8mm seems like it ran out of material with underextrusion and no-more-extrusion. Tested it, the filament were not grinded in the feeder, and a new load of the filament went seemless.


    Any idea regarding the X/Y sudden mis-alignement featured in pics ?


    This machine is driving me crazy... So many things wrong about it 😞

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    Posted · [UMS5] PLA Tough (black) AA 0.8 print temperature : 225°C in CURA, normal ? So much Oozing, really need help !

    Hi @Dadkitess,


    Sorry for your mishaps with this object.

    About the last question, I'll think the main problem is that the nozzle still extrude filament, cause the TPLA "stringing" looks like a solid "0.8 mm" tread. The head might collide / or -hang up "some" with this treads, this might lead to missed step and offset at the actual axe/axis. This is my best guess.


    Normally I'll use 6.5 mm retraction for most filaments when using 0.4 mm nozzle, so I'll assume a 0.8 mm need "maybe" the double of this(?). But here I'm not sure of how much, -but sure more retraction.


    By increasing the width of the filament, there will be a little higher filament flow so this might increase stringing.


    I've tested the converted 3MF file as a stl (binary) file of your model, then tried to open it in Cura 4.13.1, but Cura reported that this object can't be sliced. The same happened when I loaded this file to Cura 5.2.1, but here model is grayed with yellow stripes.


    I've studied your model for sometime, and could not find any connection between the two "cabinet" and the "main" frame. So the new generation of Cura is less sensitive for model error, as you can widen the line and actually print the model.


    Maybe @MariMakes, have some advice/solution about your problem.


    Good luck











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