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Z axis control suddenly stops in the middle of the print

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I made an object with Autodesk Fusion 360 and I tried to print it on my Ultimaker 1 using Cura 14.01 for OS X. After ~1.5 hours of print Cura just stopped moving the bed along the Z axis. The printhead tried to print the rest of the object but it just ruined it due to the lack of the Z axis movement.

I stopped the printing and retried - same effect, from the same layer. I do not know the reason so I thought it might be a good idea to collect all the infos I have from this issue and ask your advice.

STL file: http://fns.hu/bug/Cura/iPhone5%20car%20dock/iPhone%205%20car%20mount.stl

Generated GCODE (by Cura 14.01): http://fns.hu/bug/Cura/iPhone5%20car%20dock/iPhone%205%20car%20mount.gcode

Error log from Cura print window's Temp tab: http://fns.hu/bug/Cura/iPhone5%20car%20dock/iPhone%205%20car%20mount%20errors.log

After I loaded the object into Cura I turned it 90 degrees along the X axis (using the green rotator circle).

Any comments are welcome.


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Can you move the bed up and down past that point by turning the z-screw by hand, or using the ulticontroller or pronterface? Does it make a different sound? It seems like there may be something binding in the bearings at some point, or catching on the bed, stopping the bed moving smoothly any further?

The gcode file looks ok, and seems to represent the entire STL file.


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Check that the z-axis screw is inserted straight into the coupler, and properly seated. Also, check that the large nut in the back of the bed is free to move in the x-y plane (this helps to adjust for any eccentricity in the z-screw alignment). Finally, check the threads and make sure that there's no debris in the threads that stops them running smoothly.


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