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my ultimaker stopped for second time in the same position but in different file printing object

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hi to all, I have a big problem. during the printing of a group of object, my Ultimaker Original stopped to print after about 4 ours in a specific point - about after 40 mm hight. I've tryed to print a different file - composed also by a goup of object - but it's stopped after about the same time printing around the same previous position. the Z AXIS is free - I can mouve it easly by hand. is the first time that happens this problem and I must close the prototype tomorrow morning. printing time previous around 15 hours... Please someone help me!!!!


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Step 1: Install prontrface. It's free and easy to use:

printrun/pronterface/prontrface download:



You will need to connect to your printer with USB cable. In pronterface click "connect" and it should connect to your printer and read back information about it such as the firmware version and acceleration settings.

Step 2:

Home Z axis

Step 3:

Move Z axis to various heights. I recommend like this

G0 Z50

G0 Z0

G0 Z100

The above 3 commands move to height 50, then 0 then 100. You enter these commands in the bottom right area.

See if the Z axis gets stuck somewhere.

Is it possible that your issue has nothing to do with the Z axis? Are you printing over USB? This is very unreliable - printing with SD card on ulticontroller is much much more dependable. If you don't have an ulticontroller, try using a different computer - preferably a laptop and a different USB cable if possible, or try using a USB hub (they cost about $10) to buffer/strengthen the USB signal. Could it simply be that your screensaver came on?


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