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Nozzle Intrusion Seam Hiding: A Concept for Improved Print Aesthetics

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Posted · Nozzle Intrusion Seam Hiding: A Concept for Improved Print Aesthetics

Hello everyone,


I hope this post finds you well. Many of us have encountered the common issue of visible seams on our prints. While various methods exist to try and mitigate or hide these seams, I would like to propose a conceptual approach that could potentially address this issue more directly. I've termed this idea "Nozzle Intrusion Seam Hiding".


The basic premise of this concept involves the nozzle deliberately intruding inside the mesh of the object by a precalculated, extremely minimal amount at the seam area during printing. The intention behind this intrusion is to keep the outer surface of the print uniform, mitigating the visibility of the seam and thereby creating a smoother finish on the final printed object.


At this stage, I must stress that this is purely a conceptual idea based on personal experience and frustrations with the ongoing seam visibility issue. I have not delved into the technical feasibility of this idea, nor am I suggesting any specific implementations at this stage. It may be the case that this concept is unfeasible for a variety of reasons, such as print integrity, hardware limitations, or software complexities.


Nonetheless, I feel it's an idea worth sharing and discussing in our community. This concept of Nozzle Intrusion Seam Hiding could potentially evolve into an optional, experimental feature in future iterations of Ultimaker Cura, should it prove to be feasible and effective in addressing seam visibility.


I welcome your thoughts, critiques, and discussions on this concept. This is just an idea which has been in my mind for some time, and after researching I haven't found anything similar implemented. Even if this specific idea doesn't lead to a solution, it may spark other ideas or approaches that could be the key to resolving our seam visibility challenges.


Thank you for taking the time to read and consider this proposal.


Best regards,




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