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Material Station not extruding all the way/never retracting after print

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Posted · Material Station not extruding all the way/never retracting after print

This is my first time posting but I've done a lot of reading up on this form and I can't seem to find anybody who has the same issues I am experiencing with my S5 Pro Bundle.

Basically, I work for a company that purchased an S5 Pro Bundle a couple of years ago (2020+ model) and the main engineer who used it got so upset with it that when he moved his desk down the hall he was willing to throw it out so as the shiny new intern I took up the ugly duckling as my own project. Little did I know the horrors that awaited me...

The printer itself is actually fine, very rarely will I have issues with the completed projects and they're always very sturdy and translate pretty perfectly from Cura. But that's about where the goods end; the material station and feeders/bowen tubes have ALL been replaced or sent back to manufacturer yet they still constantly get stuck, get confused, stop providing halfway through a print, or claim to be clogged when completely empty. Other times It'll complete a print perfectly fine and then decide that there is no material inside of the tube (despite the blue light being on and the eject button being disabled) and will lose its mind (fatal error crash reboot cycle) when it attempts to do anything.

I don't want to have to send the material station back again for the second time, but I seem like I'm running out of options since I have a project from my supervisor that he wants samples for and literally every time I try to print it gives up halfway through or will continuously fail to recognize that no, it is NOT out of filament and no there is NOT something stuck in the print head. Then once I manually retract the wire, cut it into a perfect tip, and power cycle  for the 9th time that day, it will decide to work.

It's not a material issue because it does this with every type on the market: Ultimaker PLA? nope. MH PETG? nope. Flex TPU? NylonX? Hytrel FPE? 

If anybody has any tips as to what I'm doing wrong. It always runs the wizard where it will proceed to do nothing and then freak out that it didn't fix the problem it didn't have. I just want this thing to be functional and not a $10000 coffee stand.

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    Posted · Material Station not extruding all the way/never retracting after print


    I have also been using one of these for years. If I wanted to write a bug list for the printer, it would probably be long. But you can work with it.

    If the feed does not work.
    Make sure that the sensors at the back of the station are free to move. They must be able to move.
    The feeders must be in the middle position. The material station does not like anything else.
    The latter would also explain the print interruptions.
    Switching off the printer is also bad. I leave it running all the time.

    TPU or flex filament < Shore 95A is toxic for the material station.
    NylonX is also not easy with the material station.
    Hytrel FPE like TPU
    MH Filament idk.

    Many greetings


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