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Cura making unneeded travel moves and dips in print.


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Posted · Cura making unneeded travel moves and dips in print.

here is the situation I have a 1.6mm wall with a 1.6mm raised section.  In Cura 4.x this printed smoothly with no travel moves, in Cura 5.x it creates a hole and a dip and adds travel moves that are completely unnecessary and unwanted.  How do I get rid of this without retreating to Cura 4.x


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    Posted · Cura making unneeded travel moves and dips in print.

    With the model loaded and Cura set up to slice use the "File | Save Project" command and post the 3mf file here.

    Without knowing your current settings it's hard to tell. 

    The travel moves are likely because you could turn off "Fill gaps between walls" in the 4.x versions but that setting doesn't exist in the 5.x versions.  So those aren't really travel moves.  Cura is moving to wall intersections and putting down a little spot of extrusion to fill a gap.  Adjusting settings like the "Minimum Wall Line Width" and "Wall Transitioning Threshold Angle" can change that behavior.

    Post a project file and someone will take a look.

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    Posted · Cura making unneeded travel moves and dips in print.

    Thanks for attempting this, I am at my wits end.  I fiddled with the settings you mentioned above and couldn't get rid of the travel moves.  Why was fills gaps between walls uncheck ability removed.

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    Posted · Cura making unneeded travel moves and dips in print.

    "Fill Gaps" became obsolete when the Variable Line Width capability was rolled in.

    I sliced your project file.  There are a couple of travel moves but not very many.  Out of the 1:11 print time it is only spending 1 minute traveling.  Once the box finishes at layer 150 then the print devolves into a "C" section, then yes, there are going to be travel moves unless you turn combing off but allowing the nozzle to jump across without following the walls will leave strings.

    There are a couple of things you can do.  First, go through all the settings and turn off things that this print doesn't need.  Having the Infill at 20% isn't required as there is no Infill.  Combing is set to "Not in Skin" but there really isn't much skin...lots of walls though.

    • The "Z Seam Alignment" is "Sharpest Corner" and "Smart Hiding" and that's fine but putting the Z seam at the tall corners on the back of the box would give you a more consistent print.  Change those to "User Specified" and "Left Front".  (Note that the "Z seam location" is at X0, Y0.)
    • Two of the last settings in the Travel Section are "Layer Start X" and "Layer Start Y".  Make those the same as the Z seam location (X0 and Y0 in this example).  That will help the lower "box" but once any print develops into a "C" or Horseshoe shape all bets are off...there is going to be lots of travel.

    This is showing all the travel moves when you make the changes described above:



    This is with your settings:



    That really isn't bad at all.  You will slice some things (like with Monotonic turned on) and really wonder what the heck is going on.  Also, look at the print time difference.  All that fooling around with settings saved 2 minutes.

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