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Filament Change Blob urgh


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Posted · Filament Change Blob urgh

Hi guys! I am using Cura's filament change plugin, using my Ender 5 S1 which I bought about 6 weeks ago. It works well to some degree. But my print uses PETG set to 240 degrees. So when it gets to the right layer, it moves the printhead to a great spot and lets me change the filament. But it sets the temp to 170C. This is... acceptable, but not ideal. A bit difficult to physically push the filament through when I add new filament. But here's the problem. When I tap Resume on my printer's touch screen, the printhead moves back to the next position and starts heating up at 170C to 240C. I tried to compensate by adding some GCode to the end of the filament change command to set the temp and wait for it to get to 240. But this gets run AFTER the printhead has moved. So while this is heating up, the nozzle is just slowly depositing a huge blob of filament onto my otherwise perfect print, completely ruining it. And if it does start running, then I have this huge blob to deal with, or like last time, the printer will get an error due to being too hot.


So what's the solution? Can I set to 240 for the filament change? That way it finishes at the correct temp? Or do I need new gcode before to set the temp to 170? That way when the filament change is done, it will think 170 is good, and then have other gcode which raises the z by 10mm, heats back to 240, then comes back down? This assumes I am there to wipe away excess stringing, though I thinking this will be problematic as well because the printhead will start printing without any filament available for a few seconds due to the leakage. So then do I need to add more gcode for the printer to print a line off to the side?


I don't get why this is so complicated. Somewhere someone is dropping the ball, and I'm not sure if it's me, Creality, Cura, or what, but it's really making me not want to do filament changes using a script ever.

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