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Desperately seeking help

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Posted · Desperately seeking help

I am having issues with printing my cookie cutters with Cura/Ender 3Pro.  I use CookieCad to create my STL files and then slice with Cura.   I had recently replaced my extruder due to it being cracked and leveled my bed 3-4 times.  All running good on the mechanical side (I think) but not sure what is happening now.  Since updating to Cura v5.4.0 my profiles are no longer working properly 😭😭  and unfortunately, I never wrote down my settings.  Now all of my cuts are absolutely horrible.  The blades are so thin that its bendable and coming off around the handle (IMG_0564) .  I'm hoping someone would be able to help me with getting the settings updated/corrected and bring my cookie cutters back.    🙏



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    Posted · Desperately seeking help

    We normally get these around the holidays.

    Your 3mf file has the model in it but not your Cura settings.  Load the model, set Cura up, and use the "File | Save Project" command.  Post that 3mf file here.  It will contain the model, your settings, and your printer.


    I have the same printer and it looks fine with my settings.  That one model broke right where the wall started above the base.  That could be a layer adhesion problem.  A fillet around where the wall joins the base would help.


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    Posted · Desperately seeking help

    If I would have zoomed in farther I would have noted this.



    Those dots on the skin look an awful lot like under-extrusion and so do the gaps between the inner walls and the skin.

    You have your Outer Wall Flow at 95% and if you were under-extruding at 100% Flow on the skins then 95% is going to be pretty bad.  Under-extruding means no "squish" between the layers and that could be the entire problem.

    Just to check - print a 25mm calibration cube scaled to 5mm tall.  Use a decent magnifying glass and look at the top skin.  Are all the extrusions welded together nicely?  If they aren't then you may need to re-calibrate your E-steps.


    If you have a bowden setup then pull the bowden out of the hot end and trim it back by 5 or 6mm with a nice square razor cut and re-assemble it.  Make sure you have the lock clips in place under the lock-rings of the tube holders.


    If you have a plastic extruder arm then take a close look at the underside.  They crack at the screw hole and the failure rate is 100%.


    The entire blade is held to the base by two extrusions that are .4mm wide.  If they are under-extruded then they didn't weld together.  What was already a poor join area becomes much weaker and the individual extrusions aren't helping each other.



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