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Issues during the installation of Cura from the source code


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Posted · Issues during the installation of Cura from the source code

Hi all,


I am trying to follow the procedure posted in https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/wiki/Running-Cura-from-Source to install  Cura in my windows 10 machine. However, I got some problems. This is what I have when I run step3 of the procedure.


in my PowerShell, after typing in 

conan install . --build=missing --update -o cura:devtools=True -g VirtualPythonEnv

, it installed several packages but eventually stopped here in showing the issue:

FileExistsError: [WinError 183] Cannot create a file when that file already exists: 'C:\\.conan\\a0bdb4\\1\\build\\Release'
ERROR: pyarcus/5.2.2: Error in generate() method, line 94
while calling 'build', line 33
        self._conanfile.run(cmd, cwd = self._conanfile.source_folder)
        ConanException: Error 1 while executing "sip-build"

I tried to by pass it via the following two steps:

  1. I went to in the venv folder (\my_cura_venv\Lib\site-packages\sipbuild and opened project.py
  2. in line 604, change os.mkdir(self.build_dir) toos.makedirs(self.build_dir, exist_ok=True)


By doing this, the error will not show up. However, after bypassing the error above, when I ran the command in step3, I encountered another issue:


> "sip-build"
These bindings will be built: pyArcus.
Generating the pyArcus bindings...
Generating the pyArcus .pyi file...
The project has been built.
pyarcus/5.2.2: Aggregating env generators
pyarcus/5.2.2: Calling build()
pyarcus/5.2.2: ERROR: Package '46f4cc8d5d301cf7f04473c21ba4cacf2020349f' build failed
pyarcus/5.2.2: WARN: Build folder C:\.conan\a0bdb4e\1\build\Release
ERROR: pyarcus/5.2.2: Error in build() method, line 103
        cmake = CMake(self)
        ConanException: CMakePresets.json was not found in C:\.conan\a0bdb4e\1\build\Release\generators folder. Check that you are using CMakeToolchain as generator to ensure its correct initialization.


The issue is fundamentally related to the missing file "CMakePresets.json", I tried to create one and placed in the generator folder, but when I ran the command in step3 again, I can identify that the file is firstly deleted then the same error (this file is not found) showed up again. I tried different methods but still got the problem. 


Can anyone help me on this? Thank you so much!









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    Posted · Issues during the installation of Cura from the source code

    There are several helpful people who have built Cura.  I guess I'd direct message nallath.  He can be extremely helpful at times.


    Or you can try posting in github issues.  That's more meant for bugs but this is sort of a cura issue.  Or you might be able to direct message people on github.  I'm not sure how to tell the developers from the other people - I guess by if they have contributed code.


    Nallath I'm sure is very busy and doesn't see every message directed his way but a direct message through this forum might work.




    There are people triaging these that may hide your issue, or may send it to someone helpful.



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