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New to the program and needs help.


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Posted (edited) · New to the program and needs help.

Hello, as seen in the file below, I have a sword, but I'm trying to print it and I already know it won't work because some parts are in mid-air, but I don't know how to support it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much. Also, I would be printing it on an Ultimaker 2


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    Posted (edited) · New to the program and needs help.

    Hi Justin,


    as I don't have an ultimaker nor an other printer with core xy, my experience are not directly applicable, but what I would suggest, under the assumption you prefer quality over reliability (likelihood of failing the print), I would suggest to print it with the blade up. As I stated, I have no experience with standard Ultimaker Profiles, but I have my profile tuned in enough that I would trust it to hold the hilt till the support graps the cross-guard. From there on it should be stable enough and the potential ugly area would be minimised to the tip of the pommel and the underside/hand side of the cross-guard.


    Alternatively, it would be more reliable to print parts like this lying flat or raised and or diagonally if they are to long to fit the build plate in XY direction. With good support there should be an acceptable loss of quality to only one side of the part.


    PS: Cura warned me that the part has errors in its structure, if Cura is not able to fix them sufficiently this could be the bigger problem.





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    Posted (edited) · New to the program and needs help.

    If you haven't done so, click on the MarketPlace icon in the top right corner of Cura and scroll down to the "Mesh Tools" plugin and load it.  You will have quit and re-open Cura for it to load.

    With Mesh Tools loaded here is your sword.  Cura paints model errors in that polka-dot pattern and your model has several areas that need repair.  If you are using Windows then MS 3D Builder is available in the Microsoft store and it has a pretty good repair utility.  You can try selecting the model and right-clicking and then selecting "Mesh Fixes" which has some repair capability.  3D Builder being dedicated to alter STL's is more capable.



    Fortunately you are printing this on the UM2.  A bed slinger printer would be tough once the model got tall.

    I agree with @Ksanto that "grip down" wound be better.  You'll want a fairly wide brim because you won't have much of the model on the build plate.


    Any "knife edge" is a tough slice.  This is with 0.4 line width and a minimum line width of 0.3.


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