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Posted · Print - feedback

Hello everyone-

This is one of my first prints and one of the smallest. Since it is familiar, I wanted to run it by ya'll and see if this is what you would consider, "good quality". And if there is anything that pops out.


I got it from 3dhub.com. It's their test print.

I printed it twice. Once with automatic supports (which made me realize supports aren't always better) and a second time without. I believe the resolution was .08mm


Thanks. The ultimaker 2 is awesome.


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Posted · Print - feedback


I tried printing this little guy yesterday but i'm not entirely satisfied with the result.

For the moment i tried two different things mainly in temperature and a bit in speed.

20140327 071002

20140327 071307


The one to the right was my first try:


0.1 layer height speed 50mm/s


Filament temp: 220°c and bed at 70°c


The one to the left my second try was printed at 210°c and i lowered the speed to 80% of 50mm/s on the bottom part just above the feet. And to 60% on the top of the head.


Overall the second one looks a bit better but the result of the back and between the legs shows some kind of blobs and layers looking to thick.


I noticed while printing that after the feet are done there seems to bit a bit of excess of filament as the nozzle is constantly pushing a kind of blob at the front and the back and this is probably the cause of the bad look. Is this a temperature issue?


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Posted · Print - feedback

1) Try lowing bed to 60C. This will improve overhangs.

2) Try lowering speed to 30mm/sec. 50 is a good speed but 30 is even better. This should help some of those overhang bumps:


3) Make sure shell thickness is at least 0.8. 0.8 is two passes. One pass is not enough. No need to do 3 passes but no harm either.

4) To save time I would probably turn off infill completely but this won't help with quality.

5) Make sure side fans are working and at 100% well before it gets to the top of the feet where the overhangs start.

6) Check "cool head lift" to get the very tip top to be better. Or just fix it with a razor. Or print two at once side by side but this will add stinging issues - which I can help in another post.


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Posted · Print - feedback

Hi :)

I launched the print before reading your answer :)

Lowered the speed to 30mm/s and bed temp to 60°c filament to 200°c

Print went better it's not perfect but satisfying for me:

20140327 185721

20140327 185756

20140327 191054


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Posted · Print - feedback

your print is getting better :-)

Can i ask.. did you get this little guy on the SD card that comes with an ultimaker ?

Ian :-)


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